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The 30 Best Rob And Kristen Photos Of 2011

Another year has passed of

2. People’s Choice Awards, January:


3. People’s Choice Awards, January:


4. Holding hands in Vancouver, March:


5. Date night at the movies, March:


6. Breaking Dawn wrap party/Kristen’s birthday celebration, April:


7.Water for Elephants premiere in NYC, April:


8. Water for Elephants premiere in NYC, April:


9. Water for Elephants premiere in NYC, April:


10. Shooting Breaking Dawn in St. Thomas, April:


11. Shooting Breaking Dawn in St. Thomas, April:


12. MTV Movie Awards, June:


13. MTV Movie Awards, June:


14. MTV Movie Awards, June:


15. MTV Movie Awards, June:


16. Holding hands backstage at the MTV Movie Awards, June:


17. Comic-Con, July:


18. Comic-Con, July:


19. Comic-Con, July:


20. Hand and foot print ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, November:


21. Hand and foot print ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, November:


22. Hand and foot print ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, November:


23. Twilight Convention, November:


24. Twilight Convention, November:


25. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere in Los Angeles, November:


26. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere in Los Angeles, November:


27. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere in London, November:


28. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere in London, November:


29. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere in London, November:


30. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere in London, November:

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Robert Pattinson’s Best Moments Of 2011: Huge Hits, F-Bombs And Everything In Between
Kristen Stewart’s Best Moments Of 2011: High Fashion, Hard-Core Acting And A Little Bit O’ Trumpet

[Photo: GettyImages//Splash News Online]

by (@katespencer)

Robert Pattinson’s Best Moments Of 2011: Huge Hits, F-Bombs And Everything In Between

It’s been a busy year for Robert Pattinson, who spent much of his time shuffling through airports in Vancouver, Toronto, St. Thomas, London and Los Angeles as he shot Breaking Dawn and Cosmopolis, promoted Water for Elephants and hung out with his better half. In between all the traveling and guitar-lugging, Rob fit in an eventful year filled with magazine covers (Amish Hat, never forget), an adopted dog-child, a bevy of gorgeous Gucci suits and a memorable Movie Awards appearance filled with F-bombs and awkward jokes. We salute the Year in Rob with our favorite photos and moments, below.

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The Agony And The Ecstasy of Rob At The Barcelona Breaking Dawn Premiere

Robert Pattinson looks like he’s going through some pretty rough stuff at today’s Breaking Dawn premiere in Barcelona, Spain. Maybe he’s just now realizing the series is coming to an end. Maybe Rob’s bored to be on yet another red carpet and felt like faking a demonic possession. Maybe he is literally turning into a blood-hungry supernatural beast in front of us and is seconds aware from tearing into the nearest photog with his razor-sharp fangs. Either way Taylor Lautner sure is being a real trooper by standing by Pattinson as goes through..whatever it is that he’s going through.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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30 Photos Of Robert Pattinson Being Super Adorable With Super Fans

Tonight’s Breaking Dawn black carpet reaffirmed what we’ve grown to know and love about Robert Pattinson — he’s one of Hollywood’s nicest, most patient, appreciative actors. Seemingly still befuddled about why 1,200 Twilight fans would camp out for days for a chance to see his face, Pattinson exudes a genuine modesty possessed by so few physically perfect human beings.

At every premiere since his breakthrough in 2008, Rob has made an over-the-top effort to meet fans, sign autographs and guest star in their Facebook profile photos. Let’s get our squee on and look at the 30 most adorable photos of Rob Pattinson posing with lovingly rabid fans.

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Rob And Kristen Are THIS Close To Coming Out As A Couple

Tummy touches, leg grabs and teasing stares. We could focus on nothing else while perusing the photos from today’s Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Oh yeah, Taylor Lautner was there too — sorry!) just about held hands and made out on Hollywood Boulevard today. OK, it wasn’t that close, but we can’t help eating up these adorable young lovers so gradually making their love public. While we totally respect Rob and Kristen’s desire to keep it their private life private, we’re humans who love Twilight and beautiful people. Swoon on, fellow Robsten fans!

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[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]

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Let’s Play Guess What’s In Robert Pattinson’s Giant Suitcases!

Robert Pattinson arrived back in Los Angeles this afternoon after finishing up a very busy week across the Atlantic promoting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 with co-star Ashley Greene. We couldn’t help but notice that he was pushing a cart stacked with three enormous suitcases, luggage that he didn’t seem to have in tow with him when he departed for Europe last week. Hmmmm. Did he take a brief detour to London and grab girlfriend Kristen Stewart‘s stuff to bring home to L.A.? Did he cruise through the Netherlands and grab ALL the Heinekens? Did he smuggle Bear the dog (and Jella the cat, and a member of the Brit Pack) through customs? We take a stab at some guesses below — add yours in the comments!

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R-Pattz And His Gigantic Beard Arrive At LAX

We’re surprised they didn’t make you check that thing when you got to Security, Rob. That beard has to weigh, what, 25 lbs? Robert Pattinson arrived at LAX for a flight this afternoon, and the Breaking Dawn star had at least one an extra carry-on with him: a voluminous face blanket that all but screams, “Thank God filming is over!” We aren’t going to pretend we don’t like the look, though. The real question is, can we successfully combine our long-standing vampire fantasies with our new-found English professor fantasies? Let’s just think for a second…yup, there it is!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Twilight Imitates Life In Latest Breaking Dawn Stills

In the just-released stills from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Bella somewhat-uncomfortably rocks her fabulously sparkly wedding shoes, while Alice stands by with her Converse. Swap the bridal shoes for sky-high pumps and Ashley Greene for a publicist and you have essentially every red carpet Kristen Stewart has ever walked! Is there any way we’ll see Bella rockin’ some sneaks with her gown at the reception? We can only hope. [Photos: Summit Entertainment]

P.S. What’s the number for Emmett’s tree moving service?

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New Wet ‘N’ Cuddly Breaking Dawn Photos Released

Ya know those steamy Breaking Dawn pics that Entertainment Weekly dropped last week? Well, Summit has finally released the non-scanned, high-res versions for our drooling and devouring pleasure. Twi-hards rejoice! We can now get up close and personal with Bella’s wedding hairstyling, some sexy Honeymoon chess, a waterfall swim and a maybe-cheesy speedboat shot.

Big, important question: is Kristen Stewart really hugging Rob Pattinson‘s knee between takes in the bed photo? See the full-sized version below and let us know in the comments.

[Photos: Summit Entertainment]

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We’d Put On A Hat Too, Rob

After nabbing ‘Choice Vampire’ and ‘Choice Male Actor (Drama)’ at the Teen Choice Awards, Robert Pattinson (photos) celebrated at legendary Hollywood haunt Chateau Marmont. For the occasion, Rob swapped out one vintage tee for another and concealed his hacked mop with a typically-random Baltimore Orioles hat. Oh, Rob, that pretty face of yours gets you a long way. Your hipster fashion works on so few.

[Photo: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News]

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