Robert Shapiro

by (@missmuttoo)

Lindsay Changes Lawyers And Heads Back To Rehab To Avoid Jail


Should this be surprising to us? News that Lindsay Lohan is broke has been swirling around for months. She apparently was down half a million in credit card debt, and owed the store Church $17,000. We get the picture… her checking account isn’t exactly overflowing.

But L.L has a sense of entitlement about her non-celebrity that just won’t go away. She’s been shopping around for a lawyer ever since her attorney  Shawn Chapman Holley quit last week. And she wants her new lawyer to represent her for free! A source revealed, “Lindsay wants her new attorney to represent her for free. Lindsay doesn’t think she should pay for a new lawyer, period. Lindsay has gone through two attorneys already.” Her financial situation is also telling, says the source, “The type of lawyers Lindsay is used to having are expensive because they are simply the best at what they do. Lindsay just doesn’t have the money that she used to pay for the best. The lawyers she is interviewing wouldn’t represent her for free, period.”

She’s now honed in on super-lawyer Robert Shapiro who is famous for repping folks like the Kardashians and O.J Simpson. Lindsay has now checked into rehab (Stint #4!) at Shapiro’s Pickford Lofts facility, which he founded after his son OD’ed in 2005. Seems a bit desperate and disingenuous, dontcha think?

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