Robot and Frank

by (@shalapitcher)

Sundance Secrets: Liv Tyler And James Marsden On Boots And Booty

We’re very relieved to see that most of the celebrities at Sundance this year have opted to leave their skimpy Los Angeles clothing in their fancy suitcases and don proper winter gear for their Park City romps. Some, like Liv Tyler, learned the hard way that fashion shouldn’t trump practicality, as she told VH1 News.

“It’s all about the shoes,” said the actress, who was there to promote Robot and Frank — a movie starring Frank Langella as an elderly ex-jewel thief and his robot. “Last year, I don’t know what I was thinking, I wore these little Lanvin flats with little white socks. Everything else was all warm and decked out, and I was walking through the slush with frozen toes. So this year I came prepared!”

And does “prepared” include some good long underwear?
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