by (@hallekiefer)

Elle Fanning Stars In Incredibly Creepy Video For Rodarte’s Spring Collection

We just do not get fashion. We know we’re supposed to run out and buy a plaid jumper or gold lamé cocktail dress after seeing Elle Fanning in Rodarte’s short film The Curve of Forgotten Things, but we just want to make sure the call isn’t coming from inside the house. According to the film’s description, designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy “drew inspiration from 1970s northern California, referencing Redwood forests, the gold rush and Asian influences” for their Spring 2011 collection. And, while they didn’t explicitly say it, they also give a shout-out every serial killer movie made before 1980.

In the video, which premiered on LVMH’s, Fanning paws through the dirt and wanders through a spooky abandoned house as her outfit flips from one Rodarte frock to another. Luckily Elle isn’t the one who’s in danger. Spoiler alert: she a ghost! Fanning might finally walk into the light at the end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be walking into a boutique in search of poltergeist wear anytime soon.