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Romeo Beckham’s New Burberry Advertisement Brings Out The Hypocrisy Of Fashion

Romeo Beckham is clearly following in his very fashionable father and mother’s footsteps. It’s kind of par for the course when you have a parental unit comprising David and Victoria Beckham. And it goes without saying that is first modeling assignment — at the age of 10, FYI — would be a very prestigious one. Romeo’s the star of the new Burberry Spring 2013 advertisement which you can see above. And the kid’s got major swag. He looks great in the brand’s signature trench coat and we even give him props for popping its collar. Something we would have not done for any other human being. So, while he looks adorable, we’re going to have to admit that the campaign and the brand’s logic perplexes us. First up, we don’t get what they’re trying to portray here apart from Romeo looking adorable. Are the two adults on the side supposed to be mannequins? Are they metaphors for the traditional modes of modeling? Or is that too deep?

Secondly, and more importantly, this whole deal is a bit hypocritical, innit. Six years ago, Burberry’s head designer, Christopher Bailey was rumored to have been given a slap on the wrist for hanging with Victoria Beckham. Because, in another very past age, Victoria was considered to be the Queen of the WAGS and was viewed as too “chav” to be wearing the brand.  This sort of news will never be explicitly confirmed because who will own up to something like that? But you know it was snooty enough to be true. But now that Vicky B’s transformation is complete and she’s become a High Priestess of Fashion, it’s all forgotten — by both the brand the parents. Tsk tsk.

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David Beckham Works So He Can Pay For Baby Harper’s Insane Wardrobe

David Beckham certainly had his priorities straight when he signed his new two-year contract with the L.A. Galaxy. Yes, there’s the adoration of his fans and chance to excel at his sport. More important, however, is all the money Beckham’s making to pay for daughter Harper Seven’s teeny tiny couture baby clothes. “Her wardrobe is ridiculous,” the soccer star laughed during his recent Google Plus interview. “I’m glad I got a two-year contract.” We’re sure Harper will be too, just as soon as she stops trying to eat her own fat little hands.

Sure, most kids wouldn’t notice if their clothes were made out of old dish towels sewn together, but let’s be fair, those Chloe tights and other designer duds aren’t really for Harper. They’re for mom Victoria Beckham. Gloats David about his 6-month-old’s fashion sense, “Everything about her is very feminine, you know — the way she moves, the way she eats, the way she smiles, the way she looks.” True, though she also kind of looks like a little old man. Though what a fabulous old man at that! Check out some of the Beckham children’s expensive threads below, before they get covered in mashed carrots and wet Cheerios.

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