by (@unclegrambo)

Who’s Ready For More Jersey Shore?

terry-snooki-550rnrnWe are, we are! We’ve bought all of the ingredients to blend up a killer batch of Ron Ron Juice, we purchased a ten package session at our nearest tanning booth (btw, those new tanning booth new taxes suck, Obama!), and we got our last paycheck in quarters so we’d never have to run out of them at the laundry again. All in preparation for the second season of Jersey Shore, which airs tonight at 10/9 on MTV. rnrnAs a means of celebrating this momentous occasion, celebrity photographer (and probable creep) Terry Richardson released a bunch of new pics today featuring The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Snooki and the rest of the gang. So don’t put your face too close to the monitor when you’re looking at them; you never know what you might catch.rnrn[Photos: Terry Richardson’s Diary]rnrn

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