Rosemary’s Baby

by (@shakeyourbeauty)

Oh Baby! The 10 Creepiest Pregnancies In Pop Culture History

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Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful time. Lots of cuddling with your baby-daddy (or same-sex partner, whatever your sitch is), all the ice cream you want, attention from strangers. Not to mention the anticipation of delivering your very own, ultra-special baby human into the world. All true, but it’s also sort of scary. Who will this kid be? Will the delivery be a bloody, medieval mess? Will the child turn out to be a homicidal killer? Will you be expected to love it anyway? No wonder an entire sub genre of film and TV horror has been devoted to creepy-evil pregnancies (like Rosemary’s Baby and Village of the Damned). When Halle Berry’s new TV series, Extant, debuts on July 9th — where she plays an astronaut who returns from space, inexplicably pregnant, after a year away — we’ll get a taste of the latest version of maternity terror thrills.

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