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Mark Sanchez Completes Hail Mary, Scores Himself A Few Sleepovers With Kate Upton

Let’s see how many football-related puns we can work into this little post about New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez being spotted in the lobby of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton‘s apartment building at all hours of the night. Let’s see, we already used “Hail Mary” in the headline, so how about this: Usually Mark Sanchez is the one being tackled, but this time around, it appears he’s sacked Kate Upton. Or maybe: The only thing Mark Sanchez is better at than handoffs is getting his hands-on Kate Upton. Perhaps this? Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez huddles up next to the tight end of Kate Upton.

Ok, we give up. If you can do better (and we sincerely hope you can), show us in the comments. Best comment wins nothing less and nothing more than our undying affection.

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Rumor We Love: Quentin Tarantino Is A Toe-Sucking Fetishist?

How we reveled when we read Gawker‘s piece on Quentin Tarantino‘s apparent toe-sucking fetishism. That’s not something you get to hear about every day, ya know. If you find this title of this post fully WTF, then wait till you the whole story. Although, whether it’s a story or a tall tale is something we’ll probably never know. It all stems from an email a young lady sent out to fifteen of her acquaintances and friends. Yes, fifteen of them, which ironically corresponds with her pending “15 minutes of fame.” This woman apparently met Quentin at a schoomzy party where he dropped such pick up lines as “…you’ve got a mouth on you. I like that.”

Sassy lady and Quentin went full-out and  publicly made out at the party, and also headed back to his house where they took flirtatious pictures together in a photo booth . Which isn’t bulls—t, because she included the pictures. Which you can see resting on what looks like a film script — nice touch, lady! After a brief cameo by Jamie Foxx, the couple continued making out, and then he took her to the bedroom. Cue the sexy music, right? Well … let’s hold judgement on that.

Girlfriend decided she actually didn’t want to get with Quentin and started devising an exit plan. Fortunately for her, she didn’t need one because, as her email dictates, he asked, “Can I suck on your toes while I j—k off?” You read correctly. Which is what he did — twice.

Enjoy her entire email over at Gawker, because face it, you totally want to.


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Rumors We Love: Kanye West And Mary-Kate Olsen Hooking Up!

Let’s all do a resounding Happy (Belated) Birfday for Mr Kanye West! Mary-Kate Olsen was his present, if PerezHilton has his story right. The site reports that the rapper rang in his 34th year at the Submercer club in NYC on Wednesday night and wound up hooking up with Mary-Kate!

Both the sisters like their musicians, eh? Twin Ashley Olsen supposedly snagged Justin Timberlake on the friends with benefits train. We’re dying to know if these trysts actually happened but we have a strong feeling no one is actually going to admit to them. About Kanye and Mary-Kate, though. Both fashionistas. Both kinda weird. So, it does add up! But a word of advice to both dudes: do not mix them up! We still can’t tell them apart, so it’s tricky business.

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Rumor We Love: Amanda & Ryan End Their Casual Dating—Again

How many times can a casual relationship end? Us Magazine announced in February that Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe had split after a series of casual encounters. “They are not dating anymore,” said their source at the time. “And it’s not a big deal for either of them.” Only the pair were clubbing and exercising together again the following month while the tabloids buzzed about Phillippe’s paternity drama with Alexis Knapp. And hey, why should she be freaked? They weren’t exclusive, it was all casual, and she knew Ryan already kids with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon.

Just when we’d almost forgot they’d “broken up” in the first place, Us announced today that Ryan and Amanda split again—not that it’s a big deal or anything. “It was mutual,” says the insider. “They were never fully committed. They were always on and off. They were always seeing other people.” Yeesh, can these two please make up their mind? We’re going to be really ticked off if they’re hitting up nightspots this summer— how many times will Us have to announce it’s not a big deal that they’re finished again?

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Rumors We Love: George Lucas Shot 50 Hours Of New Star Wars Episodes

We knew George Lucas was a little nuts, but come on…the New York Post got Star Wars fans all jazzed by reporting that the mastermind had “50 hours worth of scripts for the long-anticipated Star Wars live-action TV series already shot,” but was waiting for “a different type of technology we can use so it’s economically feasible to shoot the shows” before releasing them. Understandably, everyone who cares (and after the last trilogy and Clone Wars, it’s amazing people aren’t just ignoring him) was a little confused by the hub-bub. The episodes were shot but still needed to be shot? What does “in the can” mean? Did Lucas tape the live-action parts with some newfangled digital hoo-ha to be added later?

Sadly (or is it?), Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Lucas was misquoted—50 hours of episodes have been written, but nothing’s been committed to digital video. It’s still a crazy notion, especially considering that every time Lucas finishes a Star Wars project he swears he’s going to spend his kazillions making small art projects, only to drop another load of space junk on the fanboys (to be fair, he did produce Red Tails, a Cuba Gooding Jr. movie about the Tuskegee Airmen, scheduled for release later this year). But the question remains—what technological advancement will allow George to pump out these 50 hours of Star Wars apocrypha? We’re guessing a computer program that makes his later work tolerable for people who don’t sleep with a light saber.

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Rumor We Love: Leo Takes Hat Off In A Cabana, Obviously Playing The Field

Leonardo DiCaprio has been gallivanting around Europe following Cannes, chillaxing with pals like Lukas Haas and Melissa Satta and causing all sorts of gossip by wandering around yachts and beachfronts with rumored rebound Blake Lively. But according to the New York Daily News, she isn’t the only lady keeping Leo entertained after his split with Bar Refaeli. Seems the Departed star shared a cabana in Monaco with a lady named “Natalie” only a day after wandering around Portafino, Italy with Blake. “DiCaprio ordered food, smoked a cigar and removed his hat,” says the paper. “A sign, our source says, that he was relaxed in the presence of the mystery woman.”

You know, we’re grateful for every anecdote we can get about Leo and his playboy ways—almost as grateful as we are for the above photo of him wearing scrunched-down knee-socks and cool blue shorts with his posse in Italy earlier this week. But are we really supposed to take this seriously? That Leo expresses romantic comfort by removing his hat and sending for the Artichokes Barigoule? Would he otherwise just sit in the cabana with his hat on, ignoring hunger pains and nicotine cravings? Thank goodness this “source” was able to note the tell-tale signs of a Leo in heat.

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Rumors We Love: Ashley And Jackson’s Makeout Fest

We LOVE it when co-stars get together (Robsten, anyone?), and we are particularly fond of Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone. Maybe it’s because of Ashley’s sweet personality and timeless beauty, or the way Jackson got our panties twisted when we interviewed him at the Eclipse premiere. (That Southern charm and those blue eyes are the real deal, ya’ll! He had us swooning.) Or perhaps it’s that we adore the relationship of their Twilight characters, Alice and Jasper, and have a thing for on-screen couples who do it IRL. Whatever it is, when we read this report that Jackson and Ashley were making out after Jackson’s 100 Monkeys concert in LA this weekend, we for reals shouted, “PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUEEEEEEE!!”

Yes, according to The Daily, the pair was spotted getting their kiss on all night at Angels and Kings, where Nikki Reed and American Idol boyfriend Paul McDonald were also hanging out. In April, Ashley and Jackson were allegedly caught holding hands while out to lunch. While this could just be a case of friends with benefits, we’re praying to the celeb couple gods that it’s true love destined for dog adopting and airport cuddling…like another pair of on n’ off screen lovebirds we adore so much.

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Rumors We Love: Leighton Meester And Justin Long’s Dinner Date

We’d like to officially helm the campaign to support Leighton Meester and Justin Long as an official couple! People is reporting that the pair was spotted dining together at La Poubelle on Sunday, where they ate well into the evening and left holding hands. Says a source on the scene, “They were happily willing to talk to fans who approached them.”

We love Leighton — she’s always edgy on the red carpet and is the HBIC of guilty pleasure TV and movies (The Roommate, always and forever). Justin is the dude next door, with easy on the eye good looks and a friendly, approachable demeanor. Plus he knows how to handle dating an A-List lady, what with that Drew Barrymore notch on his bed. While we loved the idea of Leighton and Garrett Hedlund together, it seems as though that was a quick affair. Thus we say, Garrett who?

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Rumors We Love: Lady Gaga and Madonna Are Related

We knew it. Lady Gaga has faced numerous accusations that her sound is so similar to music icon Madonna’s, but it might be out of her hands. A Boston-area genealogist is making claims that the two Queens of Fab actually share some (presumably sparkly glow-in-the-dark) blood. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Both Momma Monster and Momma Madge can trace their family history back to the Quebec region of Canada. “When I saw that Lady Gaga had French Canadian ancestry I thought there might be something there,” genealogist-to-the-stars Chris Child explained to the Boston Globe. “They are ninth-cousins once removed.” Apparently the two are both descendents from the same French immigrants who arrived in the area in the 1600s. Why did they leave France in the first place? Was it to avoid persecution for their outrageous boundary-pushing outfits? We like to believe it was.

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Rumor We Love: Lindsay Lohan’s “Bra-Free Lifestyle” Could Wreck Her Career

Lots of people are concerned about Lindsay Lohan’s  alcohol problem and lack of emotional support, but Fox News is voicing concern about LiLo’s lack of chest support. Apparently Lindsay’s “bra-free lifestyle” could “impact her career” in negative ways, leaving her a lady with saggy boobies no one will want to pay to see nude pictures of. “I don’t care how perky they are, they won’t be for long,” a bra-fitting expert tells the site. “They all get saggy when the tissues under the breasts break and Lindsay is going to end up looking like a WaTuTu warrior.” Good lord, will someone stop Lindsay’s breast-destructive behavior before this wild child goes too far?

“Most of the projects Lindsay is going to get going forward will probably involve some nudity, that’s just where she is at right now in her career,” says. “If she keeps doing damage to her body even those roles are going to dry up.” Yup, even if Lindsay manages to clean up and set her life right, no one in Hollywood is going to want to get near those flabby things, which would be just tragic for the screen-cappers of the world (unless she gets another boob job, of course). Thank goodness Fox News is looking out for the poor girl…or at least her poor breasts.

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