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Rumors We Love: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Also Flirting With Mila Kunis!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Mila Kunis

Attention attractive young women of Hollywood: if you don’t want someone saying you’re flirting with Jake Gyllenhaal, don’t talk to Jake Gyllenhaal. With Jakey making Taylor Swift achy-breaky before they could even hit the red carpet together, gossipmongers are hungry to hook the Love & Other Drugs star up with someone pronto. We already heard Jake got friendly with Camilla Belle Saturday (the same hussy who dated Joe Jonas after Taylor did), and now E! says Jake was getting “just a little grabby” with Mila Kunis after the Golden Globes.

“They ended up talking in a corner practically the entire party,” says a witness at CAA afterparty. “They were laughing and smiling a lot. It was really flirty and they both looked like they were having a lot of fun.” That scream you just heard was Mila’s ex Macaulay Culkin slapping his face at the news. Unfortunately, the pair are “just friends,” but fair warning: Jake taking a friendly (and spoken-for) ex like Jenny Lewis to the Globes isn’t going to keep the tabs from setting him up with eligible ladies anyway.


Rumors We Love: Jessica’s Dad And Fiancee Feud Over Her Billion Dollar Empire

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson and Joe Simpson

The National Enquirer says Jessica Simpson‘s plans to marry Eric Johnson have been thrown into disarray as Eric doesn’t want to sign the prenup Papa Joe Simpson is demanding. “[Joe] is insisting Jessica sign a prenup to protect her surprisingly large fortune, which is nearing a billion dollars because of her thriving fashion empire.” What the hell? A billion dollars? Maybe the government should stop borrowing from China and see if she’ll fund our education system!

Seems the Enquirer missed the news that Jessica’s nowhere near a billionaire—just because your name winds up on a billion dollars worth of clothing sold, that doesn’t mean you keep all of the cash. Still, the $20 million Forbes guesses she’s making could reasonably make Papa Joe paranoid. “Jess thinks a prenuptial agreement is unromantic and a bad omen. She doesn’t want to make Eric sign one—but her dad IS adamant.” See, if she really was a billionaire, there’d be plenty of cash to go around.

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Rumors We Love: “Miracle Baby” Saved John Travolta’s Sham Marriage

John Travolta Kelly Preston

Make up your mind, National Enquirer! Is John Travolta‘s marriage to Kelly Preston a sham or not? Three months ago, the tabloid had author Robert Randolph take a polygraph before publishing his claims that Travolta “is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly’s back for years.” Now the Pulitzer-nominated news source has a new story, one of a couple that was on the outs…until brought together by new baby Benjamin.

According to their “insiders,” the pair were fighting constantly after the tragic death of son Jett, with Kelly resentful that Scientologist bigwig John wouldn’t accept the boy’s autism diagnosis. “After one bitter blowup, a furious Kelly stormed out on John with 10-year-old daughter Ella in tow—and fled to the home of a Florida friend,” they say, crediting the “miracle pregnancy of 48-year-old” Kelly for bringing these lovebirds back together. Was the baby a miracle because John was off sexing every guy he could? After all, isn’t this union supposed to be a “total fraud”? Pick a narrative and stick to it, guys.

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Rumors We Love: Justin Bieber—Victim Of Cyber-Bullies!

Justin Bieber

Leave Justin Bieber alone, you…you…cyber-bullies! RadarOnline reports that Bieber recently became one of the many teenagers who has suffered vicious taunts from anonymous internet hooligans. How did they get past his handlers and rabid female fanbase you ask? Well, these demons somehow managed to “hack” Bieber’s Wikipedia page! We know, we can’t believe it either!

On Tuesday, 4:08am GMT, a vile, cowardly fiend replaced Bieb’s entire page with two simple, cutting sentences: “Justin Bieber is squirrel in a blender. He is gay.” Sure, the page was reverted to its previous state in less than 60 seconds, but that didn’t stop Radar from posting an “exclusive” on the frightening story. “At this time, no one knows who hacked into his bio,” they shuddered. But using our ability to click the page’s “view history” button, we discovered the culprit: the infamous Tom191! Oddly, no one bothered to report on an even worse bit of cyber-bullying that went down an hour later: Firecrotch979 managed to get “Justin Bieber is a douchebag” on his wikipedia page for three whole minutes! Will this “cyber-bullying” ever end? Someday Bieber might accidentally see it…and learn a naughty word!

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Rumors We Love: Miley Cyrus Shoots Nude Pics To Celebrate Her Birthday

Miley Cyrus

Dang, Miley Cyrus! Straddling your boyfriend at your 18th birthday party, that we get. But nude pics? Already? Actually, the naughty folks at 4Chan have posted “evidence” that a headless, nude photo floating around the net is actually Miss Miley before the MTV EMAs, back when she was still seventeen! So if you decide to check out the photo, remember this: you’re either the kind of person who looks at fake Miley Cyrus nudes or you’re ready to have a chat with Chris Hansen. There’s no way classy way out of this.

Since Miley was already taking naughty photos in 2008 (for funsies!), it’s not hard to believe she’d continue to practice today. Actually, the main reason we don’t buy this new gossip is that her head isn’t in the shot. What, she’s suddenly going to become shy now that she’s not officially jailbait? This is a woman who pole danced at the Kids’ Choice Awards! When America gets The Full Miley, you can bet she’ll be beaming right at the camera. You’ve been warned.

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Rumors We Love: Justin Bieber Has A Secret “Flirt Coach”

Justin Bieber & Will Ferrell

Hot gossip from Britain’s The Sun! According to a confidential source, Justin Bieber has a “flirt coach” in his entourage to teach him how to steal our women! “Ryan shows him how to walk, how to talk, how to flirt, even how to wear his hat to attract as many girls as possible.” Do you think Ryan also taught Bieber how to bang a cowbell to attract as many girls as possible, too? Between his immaculately tilted hat and those primitive, sensual rhythms, how can any regular man hope to compete with the magnetic powers Bieb gains from his “flirt coach”? And is that him in the picture above?

Wait a sec…this “flirt coach” couldn’t be “Swagger Coach” Ryan Good, the “cool white boy” Usher hired to improve Bieber’s fashion sense? The one Bieber has acknowledged for over a year (“I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do”)? Is there another Ryan on staff paid to preserve the sexy or are the staff at The Sun just lazy about googling their “scoops”? Until Bieber opens up about a new Ryan who teaches him different flirt-erific things to do, we’re going with the latter.

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Rumor We Love: Taylor Lautner Is Dating Co-Star Lily Collins

With everyone always focused on Robsten and their successful on-screen/off-screen romance, we’re sure Taylor Lautner must feel both thrilled but also bummed. Thrilled because unlike his co-stars, his personal life isn’t under constant scrutiny, but bummed because he’s one of the three main characters in the film, but he sometimes is treated like a third wheel in the press. So we’re psyched to hear that Lautner might actually have his own romance brewing with his Abduction co-star Lily Collins.

Perez Hilton reports that eighteen-year-old Taylor and twenty one-year-old Lily have been trying to keep things quiet, but they have been dating for about four months. (And yes, it’s Perez so take it with a grain of salt – that’s why we’re just calling it a rumor.) We guess we’ll find out for sure though if they’re a couple when Lily decides to show up on the Breaking Dawn set (it’s filming as we speak!) for some sweet werewolf love.


Rumor We Love: Owen Wilson And Rachel McAdams Are Dating


We have a soft spot for Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson. Maybe it’s because they’ve both been subject to scrutiny after their previous high-profile relationships, or maybe it’s just because we watch Wedding Crashers pretty much every time it’s on HBO, but we can’t help but pull for these two. They’re just so darn likable! (Don’t get us started on Luke Wilson though – the combination his AT&T commercials and the upcoming Middle Men is just bad news.)

The pair is filming the latest Woody Allen movie, Midnight In Paris, in the French capital and has been rumored to be getting cozy offscreen. One source says “After one scene at a flea market in Saint-Ouen outside Paris, Owen was playing with her hair and being really affectionate. Even for a pair of luvvies, it was very flirtatious. The gossip on set is that they are an item off screen.” We would be so happy for these two if this is true so they can finally fulfill their Wedding Crashers destiny. After all, true love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.

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Rumors We Love: John Stamos Taking Break To Fix Love Life

Thank goodness for the National Enquirer, or John Stamos fans might wonder where the heck their hero’s run off to. According to the tabloid, the 46-year-old Full House star is planning to take six months off work to find out “why his romances always crumble.” “He’s in therapy and says he is so serious about his quest for love that he intends to take a hiatus from performing,” says the source. Sadly, a rep for Uncle Jesse has already shattered this fantasy, telling Gossip Cop the story is “absolutely false.”

Here’s what we love about the story, though: would anyone actually notice if Stamos didn’t work for six months? It’s not that he can’t get work—between TV (having starred on ER in the final reasons) and theater (having recently starred in the latest Bye Bye Birdie revival) he’s had a higher profile career than most Full House veterans. But that doesn’t mean people would pick up on a momentary self-exile. Now with this embarrassing story floating around, John will probably feel the need to try and grab a new TV role just to prove he’s not in some padded cell screaming the lyrics to “Forever.” You do remember “Forever,” right?

Even if he is planning some alone time, that clip should be more than enough Stamos to tide you over until he comes back, presumably on the Lifetime Movie Network.

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Rumors We Love: Tom Forcing Katie To Dance, Seeks “Ginger & Fred” Status

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

At this point, OK! should really call itself OK, Whatever! But as long as their rumors are as crazy as this one, we’re not complaining. According to the Robsten stalkers, Tom Cruise has forced Katie Holmes into near-daily dance practices following TomKat’s notorious “Whatever Lola Wants” number at a benefit performance in LA earlier this month. Apparently, Tom feels a) that America wants more of that sexy action and b) Katie’s the one who needs some work. “Tom wants them to be the new Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire,” says the mag’s source. “He loves the idea of performing on stage with her but believes Katie has a long way to go before she’s ready. The irony is that she’s a far better dancer than he is!” Excuse us, but has this person seen Cocktail? Tom’s bottle-tossing in that film combines the grace of Gene Kelly with the macho authority of Michael Jackson. Or vica versa. Anyway, it’s awesome.

While we certainly would love for TomKat to claim the mantle of our new Freg & Ginger…or fail hilariously trying…it’s hard to believe the former Maverick is really so nuts as to think hotfooting around stage with the missus is what will finally wipe away the stink of crazy Scientology videos and that couch jump with Oprah Winfrey. Our opinion of the guy has been so transformed we can’t even watch A Few Good Men these days without think Jack should be afraid of him. If Tom starts twirling in public, the laughing will only get worse.

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