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The Just-As-Short-List: Top Ten Most Awkward Celeb Moments

At some point we all suffer moments so painfully uncomfortable that we wish we could bore into our brains and suck out the memory with a shop-vac. But at least the cameras aren’t rolling when ours happen, unlike these unfortunate celebs. While memories may fade, video clips never do. That’s bad luck for them, but endlessly amusing for the rest of us.

Last Friday night The Short List train barreled on with the 10 Most Awkward Celebrity Moments. There were so many to choose from that we decided to chime in with a just-as-short-list of our own. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe, and for once you’ll be glad you’re not to be rich and famous. See if your favorite moment made the cut!

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Are Katy Perry And Russell Brand Already Married?


These two may have pulled a fast one on us. Katy Perry and Russell Brand might have already married in secret. The singer was on The Graham Norton Show on the other side of the Atlantic and at one point said, “Life’s never dull with him – that’s why I married him.”

Of course, that brought on some major WTF’s from both the host and the audience, so she quickly amended her statement with a flustered “That’s why I’m marrying him!” But after being pressed, Perry refused to clarify her initial statement. She didn’t budge on the whether she and Brand — who are supposed to walk down the aisle this fall — had secretly got hitched already. Adding to the conspiracy theories, she also referred to Russell’s mom Barbara as her mother-in-law later on in the interview.

What do you think? Truth? Or publicity?

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Russell Brand On Fiance Katy Perry’s Flatulence


Farting seems to be a rather integral part of Katy Perry‘s life. Lady Gaga‘s Alejandro video premiered yesterday and Miz Perry took to her Twitter to reprimand, “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.”  And now fiance Russell Brand, gives the statement a lot more pong,  saying that Perry herself is a “flatulence factory”.

He was on Nick Cannon‘s Rollin’ radio show this morning, and revealed some facts we’re guessing he’s going to be in a lot of trouble for. “That woman is like a flatulence factory,” he said adding, “The pop hits that she fires out of her mouth are nothing compared to what comes out the other end of her!”

He also went on to say that he’s sick of her spreading rumours about him and that everything she says is a lie. Brand insists he can’t retaliate without looking like the bad guy. He stated, “Don’t trust that woman. You know what women are! You can’t trust them. She’s a bad person! She goes around spreading rumours about me and I have to go clean up the mess afterwards! I don’t know if your woman does the same thing. She says a lot of freaky sutff, and out of respect, I can’t really play by the same rules!”

And Nick Cannon agreed saying wifey Mariah Carey often does the same. She apparently got into the habit of calling up his radio show to reveal humiliating fiction about his life. He empathized, “I’m right there with you. I thank you for clearing that up. My wife actually calls in to radio station and disguises her voice and calls in and says that I love porn, and crazy things like that so I’m right there with you. I feel your pain!”

They decided to retaliate. The plan is to make up some rumors about Perry and Carey! While Brand wanted to fib saying they liked going to illegal dog fights, Nick took it up a notch. He said, “Let’s start some rumours about Mariah and Katy – that would be hot!”  You two realise that you’ve got to go home to them, right?

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How Russell Brand’s Proposal To Katy Perry Went Down


Now that their engagement is officially confirmed, we wanted to know exactly what happened when Russell Brand proposed to Katy Perry. We already knew the pair was vacationing in India when the question was popped, but People found out that Russell, ever the romantic, planned an elaborate feast for Katy on the night of their engagement.

The couple were staying at the Taj Rambagh Palace hotel in Jaipur, India, and Russell coordinated with the hotel to prepare a night to remember. He and Katy arrived for their meal on a horse and carriage (aww!), ate dinner in a candlelit garden (ooh!), watched midnight fireworks while sitting on an elephant (er, ok), and then Katy found her engagement ring which Russell had hidden in flowers (to make up for the elephant thing). Brand’s rep confirmed that he bought the right before Christmas at Cartier, but would not confirm any wedding details just yet. [Photo: GettyImages]


Rihanna And Katy Perry Trade Fashion Advice At Jean Paul Gaultier


Where’s the best place to talk fashion? On the runway, of course! A Jean Paul Gaultier clad Rihanna and fresh-from Russell Brand‘s pad in London Katy Perry swapped fashion tips while sitting across the runway from each other at the designer’s Paris fashion show. “I love your jacket,” Katy told Riri while sitting across from each other in the front rows at the show. Rihanna smiled back and pointed towards the backstage where Jean Paul was before the show began.

Katy, Rihanna, as well as Dita Von Teese and French screen legend Catherine Deneuve took in the designer’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which resurrected Madonna’s 80’s cone bra and featured silk peach jackets paired with glittery black and white leggings, green silk trenchcoats, and all denim jumpsuits, and long flowy orange and white dresses. “Gaultier was FAB!” Dita wrote on her Twitter after the show. “Lots of new ways to wear luscious peach satin circle-stitched bullet bras. LOVED IT!”

“TRUE!” Katy Twittered back.

Luckily for TheFABlife, we nabbed a coveted front row seat after an usher grabbed us from the standing section and placed us in an empty seat right in the front row, where we could see all the action from the best row in the house, right across from Janet Jackson, who smiled when the DJ played her late brother Michael Jackson‘s song “Bad”! It MUST have been the crushed velvet Margi Kent dress and Tuleste jewels we were wearing. After the show, France 5 even interviewed us about our opinion of the show. Magical! [Photo: Getty Images]

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