SAG Awards 2011

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Tracy Morgan Received Kidney From Nicest Ex-Girlfriend In The World

The fact that Tracy Morgan‘s ex-girlfriend gave him a kidney makes us think she might be the one that got away.  At the SAG awards on Sunday, the 30 Rock star gave a shout-out to former flamer Tanisha Hall for floating him the organ last year. “I’d also like to thank Tanisha for donating my kidney to me,” Morgan told E!’s Giuliana Rancic on the read carpet. When asked how he knew his donor, Morgan practically blushed. “We were together but then we separated, but she also gave me a kidney…I’m doing fine and happy to be here,” he explained. Tracy must know some seriously dark relationship magic to pull that off. Hats off to you, Tracy!

Morgan received the transplant in December, after which we’re hoping Tanisha got a hovercraft with her name spray-painted on the side. Tracy’s co-star Grizz Chapman also received a kidney transplant earlier last year, but we suspect his didn’t come from a former lover. Unless this is what people do after they have a friendly break-up, and we’ve just never experienced one. Also a possibility! Just to prove he’s back on the top of his game, Morgan joked about Sarah Palin again, shouting “Sarah Palin, you’re the hottest MILF in the world!…She’s a MILF!” We’d be nicer to the women in your life if we were you, Tracy. You never know when you’re going to need a cornea or a lung.

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Five Fashion Disasters At The 2011 SAG Awards

At any award show, for every sartorial winner, there’s always a disaster  to balance it all out. The 2011 SAG Awards were no exception. Our 10 best dressed ladies (photos) sparkled, but unfortunately, there was also some fashion fails. Leading the pack was Kim Kardashian, who needs to realize that a lone bedazzled boob is never a good idea.

We’d like to offer this gallery as constructive criticism because we like every single actress on this list of style shame. Especially Jane Lynch, who, as Sue Sylvester, could totally kick our asses. Claire Danes is surprisingly on this list too—and you’ll see why.

Check out the gallery of bad fashion decisions below and tell us what they could have done better. [Photos: Getty Images]

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10 Best Dressed Women At The 2011 SAG Awards

It was SAG time last night. The Screen Actors Guild Awards had some bigger winners, both fashion and otherwise. Natalie Portman belonged to both lists, looking fabulous in a white Azzaro column gown, and winning Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a leading role for Black Swan. Colin Firth won Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a leading role for The Kings Speech. Look at a full list of the SAG Awards winners and nominees here.

In terms of fashion, no one surprised as more than Tina Fey who knocked it out of the park in a red lace Oscar de la Renta confection. And though we love Modern Family, young Sarah Hyland has never been on our radar until now. She looked stunning in a tangerine Max Mara Elegante gown. Mila Kunis was reminiscent of Michelle Obama in crimson and black Alexander McQueen beauty. We’d also like to add that Susan Sarandon makes us go green with envy. Seriously… that woman is not turning 65 this year.

Check out the gallery below for our full list of best dressed women to see what and who they were wearing. Remember to tell us what you think! [Photos: Getty Images]

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