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Rumors We Hate: Sam Lutfi Alleges Britney Spears’ Heavy Amphetamine And Crystal Meth Use

Ugh, why can’t Sam Lutfi just disappear off the face of the planet? Britney Spears‘ ex-manager-slash-whatever was in court today to kick off his defamation suit against the singer’s family. The same one he was trying to get Britney to testify against the Spears at, specifically against her mom, Lynne Spears. Unfortunately, he’s come armed and ready to open a huge can of worms and make all sorts of horrible allegations, which is exactly what his lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, did on his behalf. He told the jury, and this is the one we really hate, that Brit was on amphetamines which is what led to the major mental breakdown she had a couple years of ago. The infamous one, where she shaved her head. Schleimer said, “She liked to use amphetamines.  Most everything that went wrong was because of this drug.” Of course, it was added that Lufti was the one who tried to save her and get her off the drugs. The mud slinging got even worse after that, with Lutfi’s team also alleging that Britney, other than amphetamines, also used a lot of crystal meth, and that she shaved her hair off because she was paranoid that it contained traces of the drugs. Lastly, Team Lutfi says she was on a hell of a lot of amphetamines the day all hell broke loose and she had to be put in a psych hold. So far, these are pretty nasty accusations, but we weren’t expecting this to be civilized. And we hope to hell that Lutfi’s just up to his usual rumor-mongering, trouble-starting self. Britney’s doing really well these days and being dragged into a nasty court battle is not good for anyone. Besides, these heavy drug using rumors could wreck havoc in her personal life.

TMZ has already proven that Lutfi is full of BS about shaving her head because of the drugs. They’ve unearthed the video you can see above taken two years ago with him on camera saying that shaving her hair off “was a cool thing … somebody expressing their artistic side. I think she was just expressing her independence and her freedom … there’s nothing wrong with Britney.  She’s awesome.”  He looks shifty even then. We’re waiting on the Spears defense next, but we have a feeling this may crop up!

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Is Britney Spears “Mentally Incapable” Of Testifying In Court?

Britney Spears can tweet, sing, dance, give interviews, and date former agents…but can she testify in court? Former manager Sam Lufti wants Britney to give a deposition in his defamation suit against her mom, Lynne Spears, but her family is arguing that the 29-year-old mother of two, whose song “Til The World Ends” is currently in the Top 10, is “mentally incapable” of giving testimony. Pointing to Britney’s relatively coherent interviews with Ryan Seacrest and MTV, Lufti is arguing that she should undergo a psychiatric evaluation to prove their claim.

While Lynne Spears wasn’t the only person to say bad things about Lufti—recently rumored to be “stalking” Lindsay Lohan—it does seem like they might be hiding their profitable celebrity daughter cake and selling it too. Can she parade around the world and talk about her “really normal” relationship with Jason Trawick, and not have to explain how Lufti’s role as a “gatekeeper” was that different than the one her parents have taken on now?

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Dina Lohan Calls The FBI Over Lindsay’s Stalker

Lindsay Lohan

You might not care about Lindsay Lohan‘s stalker scare, but the federal government…might. TMZ reports that Dina Lohan has contacted the FBI over creepy anonymous texts she and her children have been receiving. Apparently, warnings to Lindsay that she’s being watched were just the beginning—now Dina and Michael Jr. are being told to stay away from papa Michael Lohan and Sam Lufti, Britney Spears‘ ex-manager. Hey, what a coincidence—Lufti’s the guy Dina thinks is sending the texts! Think Lindsay’s skin is at terror level orange yet?

Michael Lohan has admitted that Lufti texted his son and daughter, but denies his partner in parasitic paternal activities is the “stalker,” even though Lufti just had a permanent restraining order put on him by an old roommate he was harassing on the internet. Clearly, we need Mulder and Scully to take on this baffling case. Remember, reverse vampires are attracted to bright light—just like Lufti and the Lohans.