Sam Lutfi

by (@shalapitcher)

Britney Spears Probably Would Have Preferred It If Sam Lutfi’s Case Had Been Thrown Out A Bit Earlier

Sam Lutfi's case against Britney Spears' family thrown out by judge.

We’re sure Britney Spears‘ parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, are breathing a big sigh of relief after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera threw out Sam Lutfi’s lawsuit against them yesterday. But if we were Britney, we’d also be hopping mad at the judge for waiting until now to decide there was insufficient evidence. You know AFTER Lutfi had thrown out all these allegations about his former client/girlfriend and her parents. Because as we all know, even if an allegation turns out to be false or unfounded, once it’s out there, it sticks. So now we will forever suspect that maybe Britney shaved her head because she was scared of a drug test, and possibly his drug-sniffing dogs found crystal meth in her house, and that entire downward spiral of 2007 was still the result of her breakup with Justin Timberlake (and that one was from Lynne’s lawyer!).

Those are just the sorts of things you want people talking about when you’ve finally gotten back on your feet, you’re engaged to a pretty normal guy and you’re doing a bang-up job convincing people of your smarts and sanity on live national television every week and your kids are starting to reach an age where they can understand that mommy’s in the news. Gee, thanks a lot, Judge.

OK, we might just be projecting there. Sorry.

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