Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola

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Jersey Shore‘s Deena Nicole Almost Falls Off An Italian Bridge!

The camera makes us do strange things. Alcohol makes us do strange things. Combine the two, and you have the Jersey Shore. The photo on the left is of Sammi Sweetheart Giancola and Deena Nicole Cortese doing their thing in Florence, Italy where the show is being taped. Naturally, footage of them walking around shopping ain’t going to get ratings right? So Deena Nicole — as evidenced by the photo on the right — decided to climb off the side of a huge bridge. Because the laws of gravity do not apply to the Jersey Shore guys. What goes up, can’t go splat!

Long story short, Deena and the Florentine bridge were not amici with each other. Big bridge, little Deena. She couldn’t get back up and, after dangling dangerously off the side, had to be pulled up by security and Sammi. Apparently, shots of them drinking aren’t going to be permitted while they’re shooting in the country. So they obviously needed something stupid enough to replace Snooki and gang slurring through an episode. This is it. Brilliant television, guys, really.

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Jersey Shore Shore Cast To Make Six Figures…An Episode

Take a moment to make a soft nest out of your student loan late notices, because you are going to hit the floor like a ton of financial insolvent bricks when you read about the new Jersey Shore cast salaries. For their fourth round of GTL, the gang will be pulling in “at least” $100,000 per episode each, even newbie Deena Nicole Cortese. EVEN DEENA. Take 100 grand, multiple it by the 13 episodes or so in a season, and you come up with a cool milli. Oh, sorry, we should have waited until everyone was done with their taxes before posting this. You aren’t going to be able to finish filing with TurboTax with your fist jammed through the middle of the computer screen like that.

Snooki, J-Woww, The Situation and Pauly D allegedly held out until MTV agreed to pay the big bucks, undoubtedly because they are the only cast members who the audience actually cares about. As a result, the amount everyone will earn per episode in Season 4 is ten times what they earned the first season. Of course, their salary doesn’t include the other hundreds of thousands they make per year through book deals, Jersey Shore spin-offs and Wrestlemania gigs. Before you rip your Masters in Social Work certificate in half, just remember: at the end of the day, they still have to be the cast of Jersey Shore. The fact that you don’t is worth more than your weight in gold (which is ironically exactly how much Snooki will be making).


Sammi And Ronnie, Our Generation’s Hepburn And Tracy, Break Up

Theirs was a love played out for an audience over three seasons, but alas, it is no more. Jersey Shore‘s Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have broken up. How do we know? Why, it’s all on Facebook, clear as day.

Seems Sammi has unfriended Ronnie’s friends or, as Entertainment Tonight hilariously calls them, “Ronnie’s associates“  on Facebook, which is clearly a bad sign. The couple has been off-and-on but this seems to be the last straw. While the cheating and three-way kissing may have had an affect on their longevity, we tend to think that maybe they were just too violent for each other, what with Sammi beating up a lady in Miami and Ronnie getting  charged with assault that time during season one.  We’re sure we’ll see the destructive duo dissolve on-air now that the new season is here!

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The 100 Hottest Celeb Bikini Pics Of 2010


You’ve just about made it through another holiday season full of tons of food, holiday traffic and crazy cousins. Congrats! Now it’s time to ring in the new year with the 100 hottest celebrity bikini pictures of the year. You’re welcome! Our gallery is ordered from one to 100, with #1 being the hottest. Miranda Kerr is the reigning champ from 2009 — not even Vanessa Minnillo in a skimpy pink bikini could topple her in 2010. Enjoy!

1. Miranda Kerr
2. Vanessa Minnillo (More Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures)
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Kim Kardashian (More Kim Kardashian bikini pictures)
5. Brooklyn Decker (More Brooklyn Decker bikini pictures)
6. Bar Refaeli (More Bar Refaeli bikini pictures)
7. Alessandra Ambrosio
8. Gisele Bundchen (More Gisele Bundchen bikini pictures)
9. Rihanna (More Rihanna bikini pictures)
10. Katy Perry (More Katy Perry bikini pictures)
11. Megan Fox (More Megan Fox bikini pictures)
12. Cassie
13. Demi Lovato
14. Coco (More Coco bikini pictures)
15. Justin Bieber (More Justin Bieber beach pictures)
16. Vanessa Minnillo
17. Maria Belen Rodriguez (More Maria Belen Rodriguez bikini pictures)
18. Selena Gomez
19. Rihanna (More Rihanna bikini pictures)
20. Shakira
21. Molly Sims
22. AnnaLynne McCord
23. Amber Rose
24. Holly Madison (More Holly Madison bikini pictures)
25. Jennifer Aniston

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Sammi Sweetheart Looked Great At The VMAs, But Did She Look Too Great?


Yes yes, we know, we’re just as sick of talking about the 2010 Video Music Awards as you are. THAT SAID! We were watching the show again last night — clearly, we’re gluttons for punishment — and noticed something that we didn’t initially process on Sunday night. Namely, that Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola of Jersey Shore fame looked, to quote Zoolander, “really, really, ridiculously good looking.” But did she look too good-looking?

We’re not sure if it was the lighting, her makeup, or the particular blend of her spray tan that night, but there was definitely something different about the Jersey Shore cast member. Considering that cameras have been filming everyone’s favorite guidos since February pretty much non-stop, we can’t (and won’t!) say with any certainty that Sammi has had work done (though commenters on both Television Without Pity and Long Island Families aren’t exactly holding back their opinions). Instead, we’ve put together a few snaps of Sammi that range from the glorious day that that the Jersey Shore cast members were first introduced until the present day. What conclusions do YOU draw?

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TheFABlife Bikini Awards: Reality Junkies

(Welcome to TheFABlife Bikini Awards, where we pit half-naked celebs against each other and you vote for the finest skin-flaunter of the summer of 2010.)

The first round of mobile and online voting is now closed. Audrina Patridge is the winner of the Reality Junkies! Vote for the Ultimate Bikini Awards winner in our final poll!

The Reality Junkies all have one thing in common — besides their addiction to showing off some skin – they want their MTV. Yep, all of the gals in this category  — Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, J-WOWW, Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola — are or have been the hottest thing on everyone’s favorite music-ish channel. Whether they live in The Hills or on the Jersey Shore, a bikini is required wear. Thankfully.

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‘Jersey Shore’s’ Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola Gets Into A Brawl


That’s not very sweet now is it. 24-year old Kristen DeMinco is claiming that the Jersey Shore Sweetheart clocked her during a drunken brawl leaving her with a black eye. And she’s got her lawyer on the job who told RadarOnline, “This wasn’t even the first fight that night for these people. They’re running around Miami Beach beating up people for ratings.”

It all went down at Dream, a South Beach nightclub, when DeMinco was talking to Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola’s boyfriend in the VIP section of the club. She alleges, “She exchanged bad words at me. I exchanged bad words back. She hit me twice in the face and I just backed off right after that. I didn’t want to get involved in a fight.” Well, now she’s fighting words because they’re planning to sue the pants off of all involved!

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