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Director Oliver Stone Can’t Handle Salma Hayek’s Curves At Savages Premiere

Salma Hayek, Oliver Stone "Savages Premiere, London

I love Salma Hayek and am constantly amazed how her, and I’m putting this in ladylike terms, “cleavage area” pretty much defies gravity. I also feel like she’s always walking that very fine line and gets people to think — how much boob is too much boob? But they’ll just think it and never say it because she’s Salma Hayek and is awesome. The actress was at the premiere of her film Savages held at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London yesterday wearing the very hot, color-blocked Roland Mouret “Mercy” dress with blue Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels (I want them) and Dana Rebecca Designs earrings. The dress, while amazing, begs the boob question because it makes her look positively … buoyant. It’s also ironic that the dress is called “Mercy” because that’s what director Oliver Stone seems to be begging for in the picture on the left. Excuse us, Oliver — keep your hands off the merchandise. I’m sure he was joking but he’s still a little too handsy for my liking. What’s hilariously funny, though, is that it looks like Salma’s telling him off in the picture on the right. Yo, gents. It is understood that Salma is too frickin’ hot to handle … so that means that you don’t try to handle her. Keep the paws off, capisce?

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Blake Lively Goes Into Serious Fashion Mode While Promoting Savages

Blake Lively Promotes Her Film "Savages"

Is Savages going to take the box office by storm? Only time will tell. But one of its stars, the bona fide fashionista, Blake Lively, is going to make her mark anyway, whether or not the film does well. We mean, c’mon, she has to give competition to the serious fierceness that is Salma Hayek. Salma plays the boss lady of a drug cartel who kidnaps Blake so she can control Ms. Lively’s two onscreen lovers — Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson. It’s a pretty big ask, so Blake’s made sure her sartorial game is way up for the promotional rounds. It’s all about the mileage, baby!

She’s doing pretty swell, so far. Blake was on the Late Show With David Letterman yesterday and arrived looking elegant, yet young in the outfit that you see on the left. We love the girly Jenny Packham shell dress, especially when it’s been paired with tasteful Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and those awesome silver Christian Louboutin pumps. The actress made a quick change for the show, keeping the hair, makeup and shoes but slipped into a white satin Marchesa dress with jeweled auctions that you see on the right. We like it, but we’re not too sure of the fit because that sort of fabric and color adds bumps where bumps don’t even exist. But maybe it’s just the angle? In the middle, we have Blake from the Savages premiere at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Californaa, the day before yesterday. This is serious, shut-the-hell-up glamour, and Ms. Lively has freakin’ nailed it. How is she pulling off this Zuhair Murad couture gown? It’s like an optical illusion, but we love it. Blake teamed the gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry again, and old Hollywood hair and makeup. The red lips and nails, and long, wavy, side-parted hair are spot-on. We’re looking forward to what else she pulls out of the closest for the rest of the promotions.

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From Spidey And Gwen To The Savages’ Love Triangle: Who’s This Summer’s Hottest Onscreen Romance?

Sure, we’re into weepy deathbed monologues, blood-squirting massacres and the occasional merman scene or two (#CabinInTheWoods4ever), but what we really love to see on the big screen is, well, love. Lucky for us, the summer movie season is always packed with romance, whether it be of the action or indie variety. Not that we’re picky — we eat it all up, thank you very much.

This summer’s crop of movies offers up a buffet of romantic relationships sure to suit even the most critical of tastes. At the core of The Amazing Spider-Man is the romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, played by real-life loves Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. And of course what would a comedy about rippling male strippers (Magic Mike) be without a love story between the beefy protagonist (Channing Tatum) and his protegee’s sister (newcomer Cody Horn)?

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But equally intriguing are the more unconventional relationships coming to the big screen as the weather warms up. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg play that perfect couple everyone loves in Celeste & Jesse Forever, who shock their friends when they decide to divorce. In Savages, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson play two dudes who band together to rescue their kidnapped girlfriend (Blake Lively). That’s right – they both date her. But the onscreen pairing we’re most pumped for? Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward in Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom, in which they play two tweens who fall in love and plot – and execute – their escape from their small New England town.

There’s movie love for everyone out there, so what’s your favorite onscreen pairing this season? Poll it up below!

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Charlize Theron, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy: Who Will Be This Summer’s Most Badass Movie Villain?

Sorry, Snow White. Nothing personal, Thor. Of course we still love you, the Batman. We always will. It’s just that when it comes to summer movies, we love a glowering villain as much as we love a virtuous hero. Maybe a little more. Maybe … a lot more.

Luckily for us (and you!), this summer’s films are jam-packed with some of the most malevolent evil characters imaginable, ready to face off against the hottest heroes and heroines from May to August. Tom Hiddleston reprises his Thor role as power-hungry extraterrestrial Loki in this week’s The Avengers, while Flight of the Concords’ Jemaine Clement breaks Will Smith‘s stride as an easy-riding alien by the name of Boris in Men in Black III. Closer to home (and to your childhood nightmares), Queen Charlize Theron goes after Kristen Stewart‘s heart (not in the romantic way) in Snow White and the Huntsman, while Eva Green does the same to Johnny Depp (in both the romantic and evil way?) as smitten witch Angelique Bouchard in Dark Shadows.

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Of course, not every memorable villain has to be from another planet or or the fairy-tale realm. Some of them can be regular ol’ criminal masterminds, like Salma Hayek‘s drug kingpin Elena in Savages, Faran Tahir‘s Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Bryan Cranston‘s Vilos Cohaagen in the Total Recall remake and Edward Norton‘s Byer in The Bourne Legacy. We are especially psyched to see Tom Hardy‘s Bane grapple the Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight Rises while Rhys Ifans takes on Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man. Because what’s an epic battle scene with out an epic villain? A 15-second slap fight?

Not that every villain has to be locked in life-or-death combat, mind you. Some of them are just maniacally vain. Sacha Baron Cohen‘s General Aladeen in The Dictator, anyone? Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ high-strung Patricia Whitmore will also be inflicting all the damage she can against the demon that is rock in Rock of Ages, while Adam Sandler only accidentally ruins his son Andy Samberg‘s wedding/marriage/life. That being said, if you somehow get your only child to throw up on his fiance’s wedding dress … yeah, you’re the bad guy.

Finally, we have to give props to those villains who don’t even come in a humanoid package. We are dying to see what the surprisingly awesome-looking Battleship aliens look like under their masks (Weird eyes? Check! Four-fingered hand? Check!), and we’re all ready to take our hats off to the Piranhas 3DD piranhas. Not only are they blood-thirsty, they are also responsible for Ving Rhames‘ character having machine gun legs. What aren’t villains good for? Which big bad has your ticket-buying hands shaking with anticipation this summer? Check out our gallery of villainy, and cast your vote. Just remember: When it comes to picking a favorite archnemesis, there is no wrong choice.

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Salma Hayek’s Fierceness Is The Only Reason We Will Be Seeing Savages

Okay, sure, the idea of Blake Lively in a menage a relationship with Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson is pretty hot. So is the sun-soaked world of California pot farmers, Mexican wrestling masks and an extremely random cameo from John Travolta. Based on the trailer for Oliver Stone‘s new crime thriller Savages, however, if we do end up seeing this movie, it will be due entirely to the presence of Salma Hayek. Well, Salma and Salma’s bangs. 60% Salma + 40% Salma’s bangs = 100% fierceness.

In the action flick due out July 6, Hayek stars as Elena, the leader of a drug cartel who kidnaps Lively as a way to manipulate Kitsch and Johnson into submitting to her flawless power. Benicio Del Toro costars as an actor who is lucky enough to receive Salma’s choreographed rage-slaps. Oh wait…that’s who he is, not who he’s playing. Have we seen some of these elements before? Sure. But have we seen Salma Hayek engineer a high-stakes kidnapping while wearing summer white? We don’t think so. On a related note, who knew you could be the head of an international crime syndicate and look so pulled together? What can’t this woman do? Check out the Hayek highlights from the trailer that make our fingers itchy to dial Moviefone:

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