Savannah Guthrie


Ann Curry’s Today Replacement Is Savannah Guthrie: Report

Ann Curry’s out and Savannah Guthrie is in on the Today show — well, as soon as NBC’s lawyers can get Curry’s contract figured out, according to TMZ and several other sources.

Ann is only in her first year of a three-year contract as co-host, under which she’s supposed to make $10 million a year. She reportedly wants the remaining $20 million, but NBC wants to give her a foreign correspondent position instead. The other option is that NBC would give Curry the money, but under the condition that she doesn’t take a new job for the next two years.

But onto what’s more important, getting to know Savannah Guthrie! The beautiful, 40-year-old former lawyer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown Law Center, and she’s a member of the bar in Washington and Arizona. She got her TV start as a legal analyst in Arizona, Missouri and Washington before graduating to Court TV and then, in 2007, to NBC, where she’s currently co-hosting the third hour of the show. Decent resume, right?
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