‘Scandal': Is Olivia Pope Really Worth $1.5 Billion?

Scandal Olivia Pope Auction
-Michael Arceneaux

How many of you Gladiators were hoping that last night’s episode would end with Olivia Pope being set free from her kidnappers and returning back to normal (fixing things and sleeping with her married boyfriend)? For those Scandal viewers that were, congratulations, you’re still invited to my prayer circle where we spend time asking The Lord (and Beyoncé, for extra good luck) to spare us from this increasingly weird and exhausting storyline. Read more…


‘Empire’ Breakout Cookie Lyon is a Stronger Female Character Than Olivia Pope

Empire Cookie Lyon Taraji P Henson

-Jasmine Grant

On Empire, Taraji P. Henson plays Cookie Lyon, hard-nosed matriarch of the Lyon family and betrayed co-founder of Empire Entertainment out to get her slice of the pie. Cookie has given Scandal‘s Gladiators a breath of fresh air with her approach as a leading lady — serving up beauty, street-smarts, and braun. At a time when Scandal‘s love triangle has gotten stale with viewers, Cookie burst into our living rooms in style, and stole the show. Read more…


Now That We Know Who Kidnapped Olivia Pope, Has ‘Scandal’ Jumped the Shark?

Scandal Olivia Pope Kidnapped
Michael Arceneaux

I don’t want to jump the gun, especially about anything involving two of my favorite people, Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes, but season four of Scandal is reminding me of Destiny’s Child’s performance of “Soldier” on 106 & Park. Yeah, it turned out to be good in the end, but none of us will ever forget that Michelle Williams busted her ass at the very beginning of the set. Read more…