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Kirstie Alley: Twitter’s Latest Ranting Celebrity

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley announced recently on The Oprah Winfrey Show that she would soon be Twittering up a storm, and the former Jenny Craig spokeswoman has kept her promise! The actress is busy spouting Scientolgy talking points about drugs and postpartum depression (Tom Cruise‘s favorite subject) on her Twitter page, and is is voicing her opposition to a bill in Congress that “would provide money for screening, diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression,” reports Politico.

Here’s some of her rant, delivered in 140 characters at a time, natch:

I have to get you all info on THE MOTHER’S ACT. this is this lousy BILL that would give BIG BROTHER the right to force you to drug ur kids

AND MANDATE that when you are pregnant, YOU MUST take drugs if a Dr. tells you to. THIS is BIG BROTHER at his finest. More on this soon moms

I am organizing a MILLION MOM MARCH to protest this BILL. It just keeps rearing it’s head. BACKED 100% by BIG PHARMA. MOMS UNITE!!

BABIES HAVING PROZAC squirted in there eyes at birth to prevent depression later on. HELLO 1984.. I will keep you informed. It is brutal!

Yep, she really said that. A spokesperson for Senator Bob Menendez, who sponsored the bill in the Senate, disputed Alley’s claims. “There is nothing in this bill that forces expectant mothers or new mothers to do anything, much less take medication,” said Afshin Mohamadi. “Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry has had nothing to do with this bill. We frankly have no idea where they get this stuff.”  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Scientologists Plant Katie Holmes Fans

Apparently, some higher ups in the church of Scientology organized some “fans” to stand outside and support Katie Holmes at the debut of her Broadway play last Thursday, in an attempt to counter a group of about 30 protesters who also hung outside the theater, angry about Scientology and her rolled jeans. From the looks of the picture above, the Scientologists need to expand their email list – and maybe spice up their sign making skills while they’re at it. Nothing is creepier than giant, black capital letters, guys. You gotta try a little harder if you want us to like you. [NYDN. Photos: WireImage]