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Canadian Hockey Team Under Fire For Drinking On Ice


Looks like Scotty Lago isn’t the only Olympic medalist who shows poor judgment when he celebrates. The entire Canadian Women’s hockey team celebrated their gold-medal win last night by drinking some brews and smoking cigars on the ice, and the International Olympic Committee is not thrilled with their behavior.

Several team members, including underaged Marie-Philip Poulin who is 18, have come under fire for their actions (which took place in a near-empty rink, with only teammates and members of the media inside the arena). Gilbert Felli, director of the Olympic Games, said that their alcohol consumption was “not what we want to see” from athletes at the games. Does Felli know about the legendary sexual activities the Olympic Village are known for? Because that seems like something a little more scandalous than a lying on the ice with a bottle of Champagne or our favorite image of the night, player Colleen Sostorics trying to take the Zamboni out for a spin. We guess if you have to scapegoat someone’s poor behavior at the games, the old adage is true: Blame Canada! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Olympic Snowboarder Scotty Lago Leaves Vancouver After Naughty Pics Surface


We’re willing to bet that Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago isn’t the first guy to use his medal to pick up chicks. He just might be the first guy get caught on camera doing it and then told to leave the host city before the games are even over.

The bronze-medalist was out and about in Vancouver with fellow Team USA snowboarders Louie Vito and Shaun White to celebrate their halfpipe wins when he decided to have some fun with his medal. The pictures show Lago at a club with a girl who licked, bit and simulated some, uh, other oral action on the medal.

While it seems relatively tame compared to the things we’ve seen, say, Tila Tequila or the cast of Jersey Shore do on a regular basis, the Olympic team does abide by something called the Ambassador Program which exists to prevent international incidents and social gaffes from happening, and having a stranger fellate your medal seems to fall outside that code of conduct. Lago left the Olympic Village willingly and apologized to the U.S. Officials for his behavior. (Can we stop for a second just to admire the abs on Scotty, though? The man deserves a medal just for those.)

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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