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90’s Flashback! Classic Fashion From Scream Premieres Past

While everyone from Matthew Lillard to Emma Roberts attended this week’s Scream 4 premiere, it still felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until we checked out photos from the olden days that we realized what was wrong. Sure, they’d found all the old stars, but where was their wild nineties fashion! We don’t want David Arquette in a sharp suit—we want him dressed like a “pop-punk-ska” bass player! There were no trenchcoats worn with short skirts, no parachute pants, and not a single cornrowed Melissa Joan Hart to be found anywhere. They don’t just make Scream movies like they used to, they don’t make premieres like they used to!

See photos of fine ’90s fashion from your favorite Scream stars—plus celebrity pals like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and The Artist Formerly Known As Puff Daddy—in the gallery below.

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Scream 4 Review: Welcome Back, Ghostface.

You know the image of a worm eating its own tail? That’s sort of a metaphor for Scream 4. The film is a remake, a sequel and a movie about a movie, all in one. And with so many sly references to its predecessors, it’s hard to figure out where all the winking at the audience ends and the movie begins. That said, Scream 4 reunites all three main cast-members from the original films, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, with director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson, and it’s still an enjoyable movie, no matter how meta it gets.

The film takes place in Woodsboro, California, hometown of Sidney Prescott (Campbell), the former high school student terrorized by the original Ghostface killer who murdered all of her friends in 1996. All grown-up Sidney is back in Woodsboro (although her haircut hasn’t changed) on a book tour at the insistence of her pushy publicist, Rebecca, played by Alison Brie, because she’s written a self-help book based on her past. And where better to promote a book about moving on than the town you desperately moved away from?

But you know who’s not psyched to see Sid? Gale Weathers (Cox), who went from reporter of small-town murders to successful novelist of the Stab books based on said small town murders, to housewife (she married Deputy Dewey, played by Arquette, who is now Sheriff Dewey) with writers block. Dewey, however, is thrilled to see Sid, which annoys Gale, but not as much as Deputy Judy (Marley Shelton) annoys Gale. Judy has the hots for Dewey real bad and she’s not very subtle about it. That’s roughly all there is to her character, so consider this your first and last meeting with Judy in this review. Sidney plans to stay with her Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell) and cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) while in town, but of course, as soon as Sidney arrives, teens start getting gutted by the truckload. Rounding out the impressive supporting cast are an underused Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson as cops, Hayden Panettiere as Jill’s sass-talkin’ BFF Kirby, and Rory Culkin as horror-film buff Charlie. (Not to mention cameos from Shenae Grimes, Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell.) A large percentage of the people listed here get murdered, FYI.

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Scream 4 Premiere Full Of Young Ladies, Arquettes And ’90s Vets

David Arquette swears he’s on good terms with estranged wife Courteney Cox, and last night’s Scream 4 premiere was a good place to prove it. The duo hugged and posed with eternal co-star Neve Campbell on the red carpet, which they shared with old Scream friends (Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard) and new (Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell), not to mention David’s sisters Patricia and Rosanna. Also haunting the scene was Marilyn Manson, who mugged alongside everyone from Eli Roth to Shenae Grimes. Sadly his Scream star ex Rose McGowan wasn’t in attendance, but we can’t blame Marilyn for keeping tabs on this late-90s horror franchise: he’s one, too!

See photos of these stars and more in the gallery below.

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Emma Roberts Wears Short Shorts Again To Go Undie Shopping

Relax, folks, she’s 20. While it’s still a little weird to imagine paparazzi trailing young actresses to boutique shops while they purchase underwear, you can’t blame photographers for keeping an eye out for Emma Roberts after she wore short shorts and knee-highs on the street in Hollywood last weekend. And son of a gun if it didn’t pay off fast, because here she is again in short shorts Monday, perusing the delicates at Beverly Hills’ Planet Blue! Don’t think of it as awkward: she’s promoting the upcoming release of Scream 4 and doing errands at the same time!

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Emma Roberts Struts Her Short Shorts, Leggings In LA

Emma Roberts is set to star in Adult World next year, about a young poet working in a porn store, so maybe this outfit qualified as research. The Scream 4 actress strutted past the paparazzi in short shorts, heels and leggings this weekend, giving a surprise show for the crew that was previously chasing Whitney Port across the street. Hopefully the horror sequel’s a hit, so that paparazzi will be paying attention once the 20-year-old reveals her summer wardrobe.

See more photos of Emma in the gallery below.

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The Scream 4 Trailer Makes Us Excited For The Return Of The Ghostface Killer

Scream 4 comes out next month and it looks like a pretty great reunion of all our favorite characters from the franchise (the ones who didn’t meet horrible, grisly, automatic-garage-door-opener deaths, at least). Check out the trailer and some stills from the movie in our gallery and marvel at just how little Courteney Cox ages. Oh, and the blood. Marvel at all that blood.

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