Scream 5

by (@hallekiefer)

Charlie Sheen In Talks for Scream 5 Role

Now that he’s made nice with his Two And A Half Men replacement at the Emmys and settled up on his Warner Bros. law suit, Charlie Sheen’s cameo in Scream 5 seems like the perfect way to tell the world that he’s ready to return to feature films, even if those films involve him getting murdered in the spookiest, raunchiest ways possible. Hole in the side of the bathroom stall, anyone?

According to EW, Sheen is in talks to cameo in the fifth installment of the horror movie spoof series. Dimension, the studio behind the film, isn’t sure “if it’s going to be possible” to snag Sheen, though he did guest star in Scary Movie 3 and 4. It seems fitting that Charlie should show back up again, though…his character did already die a Viagra-related death. Maybe it’s better to go out on top.