sean lowe

by (@sllambe)

The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe Shares His Wedding Plans

It looks like The Bachelor is going to the chapel! Sean Lowe, star of The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars, calls The Gossip Table from the green room of Good Morning America (our neighbors across the street) to talk about his relationship with Catherine Giudici. Lowe tells Chloe Melas that the two are thinking about having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Additionally, Lowe wants the wedding to be televised.

But what about the guest list? Giudici is likely to invite a few former contestants from their season of the show. You know, the ones that Lowe passed over. And Lowe wants his dance partner from DWTS to choregraph the couple’s first dance.

Next up: Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel is getting divorced. Melas has the scoop!

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