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Britney Brings Son Sean Preston Out For Terrifying Concert Bow

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ve never been to a Britney Spears concert. Now, having seen the clip of Britney Spear’s son Sean Preston onstage, we don’t know if we’d spent the entire show shrieking with joy or huddled in a fetal position under a desk. While at a concert in Columbus this past Saturday, Brit Brit brought out her eldest for a quick bow after belting out “Til The World Ends.” Call us wimps, but if we were five-years-old and had to wave to a howling audience while a man in a light-up bondage gear danced in front of a video of a mushroom cloud, we’d pee our pants. Actually, we’re on the verge of doing it now just thinking about it.

Luckily Sean Preston is adorable and smiley and seems completely and utterly unfazed by a noise- and sound-level that would send grown adults into a full-blown panic attack. Let’s just hope he was backstage eating a Lunchable if his mom opted to repeat the whole Britney Spears Pauly D lap dance thing.

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Who Is This Adorable Celebrity Kid?

We just could not handle how cute this kid is! The teeny baseball impresario happens to be Sean Preston Federline, the eldest son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Sean looked ecstatic in his “Westhills Yankees” uniform during his Little League game in California yesterday. His dad also happens to be his coach and apparently little Sean’s quite an awesome baseball player. And even if he wasn’t, we would still coo about how darn adorable he is. Whatever doubts we may have about Kevin, he’s seems to be a really good dad. Both his sons always look super happy around him and he never misses a game!

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Britney And K-Fed’s Pregnant GF Watch K-Fed And Sean Preston Play Ball

If you didn’t know that Britney Spears was, well, Britney Spears, you’d never guess that the frazzled lady in the slip and high heels at son Sean Preston‘s Little League game Sunday had 6 #1 albums, 4 #1 singles and an upcoming summer tour with Nicki Minaj. You might guess the doughy coach with the tattoos once had a music career, bit you probably wouldn’t expect that he released a Billboard-charting rap album. So you’ve got that on us, Kevin Federline.

Joining the former couple/Chaotic co-stars at the game was Federline’s visibly pregnant girlfriend, Victoria Prince, and Britney’s consort Jason Trawick, looking less than lively as Britney played with a friend’s baby on the bleachers. See photos of Sean Preston and his supportive, superstar parents in the gallery below.

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