by (@hallekiefer)

Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Scheme Up For Serena

If casting rumors are to be believed, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are going to be lovahs once more! Oh, sorry, we just meant on the big screen. Not anywhere else. We didn’t mean to fill you with all that glee/burning jealousy. The two have already locked lips for the upcoming film The Silver Linings Playbook, due out in November 2012, and now Jennifer and Bradley are set to lock wits (and, well, probably lips again) in the new drama Serena, tentatively scheduled for release in 2014. You think you’re excited about this now; wait until Catching Fire has come out. And Bradley has shaved off that ‘tache.

In the film set in 1929 North Carolina, The Hunger Games leading lady will reportedly play the titular character, wife of Bradley’s timber baron and, um, would-be murderer of his illegitimate son. You know we love Jennifer and are confident her steady gaze can convey “deep-seated need for homicidal revenge” as well “deep-seated need to avoid death at the hands of her fellow teenagers.” The only issue we might have with the casting is their 15 year age difference. But hey, the movie takes place in the ’20s! And they can always age Jennifer with make-up! Forget we said anything because now we’d really like to see these two square off again!

[Photo: Getty Images]