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Transformation Tuesday: Cameron Diaz Through the Years

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It’s Transformation Tuesday and Cameron Diaz is the star! Remember when she popped onto the scene as a hot, young thing in 1994’s The Mask? Read more…

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If You Have Sex with Jason Segel, He Will Make Bird Sounds

Quick, does the term “fire log” make you feel turned on, centered, or both? It’s no secret that the names of sex positions are weirdly similar to those of yoga poses, increasing the odds that you and a fellow yogi will get to know each other a lot better after just one class. After reading up on The Joy of Sex, VH1’s Kate Spencer tasked Sex Tape stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel with determining whether a move is reserved for the yoga studio, or the bedroom. Read more…

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Bar Refaeli Makes A Kickstarter To Fund Her Sex Tape…But It’s Just For Funny Or Die

The website Kickstarter has helped people from all over the world fund raise for their passion projects, and now international supermodel Bar Refaeli is getting in on the action. And we do mean “action.” This year’s #1 woman on Maxim’s Hot 100 List is apparently aching to make a sex tape, and through the magic of the Internet and the kindness of strangers, she’s determined to make that dream a reality. Just check out the video above!

OK, so the whole thing is actually joke video posted by the folks at Funny Or Die. But it is pretty priceless. And elaborate! They even set up a fake Kickstarter page for the project, which seems to be pretty successful so far: Bar has raised to over $159 million fake dollars. Nice job, everyone! As if the though the promise of a supermodel sex tape isn’t enough to get you to dip into your pocket, there are some pretty nifty perks if you donate. According to the site, $200 gets you a backstage pass to the set where Bar plans to have sex. “If you have time, obviously,” it says. And if you pony up $1,000, you get something extra special. “I’d put you in the running to be the lucky guy. Or girl.” Interesting…Check out the hilarious video above! It’s so funny that it almost makes up for the fact that it’s fake.

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Kim Kardashian Bounces From Miami Restaurant To Avoid Seeing Sex Tape Partner Ray J

Last year Ray J found himself seated on the same plane as Kris Humphries, who was at the time engaged to Ray’s former sex-tape partner Kim Kardashian. Needless to say, it made for something of an awkward flight. But now the R&B had an even closer call confronting his less than illustrious past, as he showed up at Miami’s Prime 112 restaurant; the very place that the whole Kardashian Klan were having a family dinner. Coming face to face with a whole pack of Kardashians is probably pretty terrifying in the best of occasions, but if you’re Ray J, it could very well have ended tragically.

Ray arrived at the restaurant on Sunday night to have dinner with his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather. Apparently he was totally unaware that Kim and Co. were in the house because, hey, the world’s a big place. But the reality TV stars were there to mark the 9-year-anniversary of patriarch Robert Kardashian’s death. Ooof. We can’t think of a worse moment for your sex tape partner to make an unexpected appearance. Kim reportedly bounced from the place upon hearing that Ray J had arrived, being ushered out a side door as soon as she could. The most hilarious part is that the place was already swarmed with paparazzi because she had tweeted her dinner location earlier in the day! She probably could have done without that extra bit of attention. Let’s hope she at least had time for dessert!

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Kanye West Raps About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape On New Track, Redefines “Romantic”

Kanye West raps about Kim Kardashian's sex tape

Oh Yeezy, you had us at “Perfect B-tch!Kanye West continues to pursue his very own special brand of romanticism by rapping about girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s career-making sex tape. The line comes from Kanye’s new song “Clique” which was leaked to TMZ, and serves as an audio middle finger to all the people taking shots at his relationship with the reality star. “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie,” he rhymes, referencing Kim’s 2003 self-made porn with R&B artist Ray J. The track is slated to be the debut single on his upcoming album Cruel Summer, and also features Jay-Z and Big Sean. But we have a funny feeling that this extra special verse from Kanye will steal the show.

Some people might see a sex tape as a past mistake that’s best not to mention. But not Kanye! The self-confessed sex addict is apparently a big fan of porn, and reportedly wants to try to produce some himself! So he probably views his GF’s tape as a major achievement. Sadly for Kim, the Hollywood Walk Of Fame committee doesn’t feel the same way. Despite Kim’s X-rated contribution to film, she has recently been denied a star on the historic boulevard. We’re not sure about Kanye’s reaction to this yet, but it’s probably hilarious and insane. Maybe he’ll put a Kim Kardashian star in his driveway to make it up to her.

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Adele Denies Reports That She Has A Sex Tape

Rumor has it that Grammy conqueror Adele really made a sex tape. Could it be true? Is there video footage of her rolling in the deep? Setting fire to the sheets?! Chasing pavement!?! We don’t even know what these puns mean anymore. But that’s OK, because apparently none of it’s true. Paparazzo Jean-Claude Elfassi published a report in the French tabloid Public claiming that he possessed a tape of Adele hooking up with the boyfriend that inspired her smash record 21. The article was backed up with cell phone pix purportedly of the British chanteuse “hitting the high notes.” But of course, it’s not really her. It’s just someone like her. Oops.

What’s the french for “sued so hard”? Because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen to Jean-Claude, as Adele is now taking legal action over the false account. She’s approached the famed law firm Schillings to represent her in the suit. “Our client has not appeared in a sex tape as claimed in the article,” they told the Daily Mail. “Our client does not appear in the photographs. Such claims are grossly defamatory.” And with that, we regret to inform you that we’re out of good Adele song puns.

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Tupac Shakur Sex Tape Uncovered

Tupac Shakur just can’t get a break lately. Even though he’s been dead for over fifteen years, he’s still making headlines in the most awkward ways possible. First there were those bizarre reports by the rapper’s former bandmates who claim to have smoked his cremated remains in a blunt. Those rumors were furiously denied by his family, but now here’s another moment (and body part) ‘Pac would probably want under wraps.

Apparently a five minute sex tape of featuring Tupuc has surfaced…and it even features an unreleased song! TMZ claims to have seen the film, and it sounds more like a submition to America’s Sleaziest Home Videos. The clip takes place at a house party in 1991, and bald-headed ‘Pac makes his grand entrance into the room shirtless with gold bling chains and his pants around his ankles. At first it seems like he’s doing his drunk Mr. T impression, but the vid quickly takes a turn as he goes over to one of the many groupies in the room. While she begins to perform oral sex on the rapper, he starts to sing and dance one of his own unreleased songs playing on the stereo! Weird, we thought he was more of a Barry White man. TMZ reports that the owner of the tape is taking steps to get it released. Can we just take the lost track, please?

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James Franco Reminisces About Teenage Sex Tape, Applauds Porn Stars

Some people live their lives to hear a few words, like “I love you” or “You are not the father.” The words we have been waiting for? “James Franco sex tape.” Did your life just gain meaning too? When a Newsweek interviewer asked Franco the question “Is there a secret to landing a good kiss?,” James waxed nostalgic about a private screening, or rather, a screening of his privates. “Anybody who has made a home sex tape knows what feels best doesn’t always look best. I remember when I was 19 doing that, and then watching it back and thinking, ‘Oh, that looks horrible,” Franco admits. We find it highly unlikely that James would look that bad in the boudoir. Then again, we’d really only be able to tell upon viewing…

Franco, who finds out tomorrow morning if he snagged an Oscar nomination for 127 Hours, is humble enough to know that being a successful artist, soap actor and general insane person does not  mean he belongs at the AVN porn awards. “So you have a lot of respect for those actors in pornography, because they are really not just doing it, they’re really selling it! It’s the same thing with a kiss. It’s not just the kiss that feels best, it’s an image. Something different is happening if it’s a good kiss,” James explained. We’re not technically in the Academy, but if Franco doesn’t win a little gold man this year, there are worse ideas then releasing his own personal epic romance. For example, not releasing it.

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Tila Tequila Being Blackmailed About A Sex Tape, Which May Not Be A Big Deal

The fact that Tila Tequila has a sex tape doesn’t surprise us at all. The fact that she’s pissed about it, does surprise us. Apparently, an ex-boyfriend has surfaced with an X-rated home video of theirs and wants $75,000 for it or else he’ll make sure it’ll go viral. Tila’s obvs got her panties (wait, does she wear any?) in a twist about the situation saying, “He has the audacity to not only betray me with the love that I had for him, but to use that to exploit me and hurt me.”

The ex has already gone to town with the tape and figured out how much it’s worth. He’s issued her an ultimatum, with the leverage being that porn distributors are ready to put their dime behind the video. She’s hitting back legally retorting, “This is extortion and my lawyers are fully aware and are fighting back by filing an injunction against him. I will make sure he goes to jail for this. So ex-lover, you better hold onto that sex tape because that’s the only sex you’ll get to watch once you’re sent to jail!”

Fighting words indeed but forgive us for being a bit skeptical here. If it was any other person, we’d well and truly sympathize. We’re kinda feeling for Tila here, but the fact that her moral compass doesn’t exactly point north makes us question everything she says and does. Tila’s already got a sex tape out. She took her top off at the Gathering of the Juggalos fiasco.  She’s almost topless (Photos) on red carpets. It seems like this was just the next step in her devolution. We’re betting she’s going to make a deal out of this because c’mon… Tila, naked? Having sex? She’s been there and done that and has always wanted people to watch. Be careful about what you wish for, Tila.