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We Could Have Had A President With A Sex Tape


Imagine that, America! We could have elected John Edwards as president and ushered the first sex tape into the White House, but instead you had to go and vote for a wholesome dude who made us all cry with his inspiring message of hope and change. Way to go, jerks. Edwards is continuing his downward spiral from A-List politician to future reality show contestant with the latest news that he not only knocked up his wackadoo mistress Rielle Hunter, but that the pair made a sex tape during one of their many bone sessions. Shall we hold your hair while you puke at the thought of it all?

According to Gawker, Edwards’ former aide/devotee Andrew Young found an unmarked DVD containing the raunch-fest, and it was apparently the beginning of the end for Edwards loyalists. Young is set to reveal all in a “20/20″ interview that airs this Friday. We may never see the tape, but we sure can dream of it, and the many “sex acts” it contains. Yep, sources say that Edwards really shows off not just his skills in the bedroom, but his junk as well. Reports Gawker and their source, “Edwards ‘is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says ‘whoa’.'”

Yes, it seems Joey Lawrence is one of the lucky ones who has seen the video. We imagine Elizabeth Edwards’ response will be a wee bit more expletive-filled, doncha think? [Photo: GettyImages]


Lindsay Lohan Wears See-Through, Fears Sex Tape

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is not one to avoid contradictions. The Mean Girls star certainly looked comfortable showing skin at the launch party for Vida, “the world’s most fashionable luxury pleasure object” (read: “fancy vibrator”), in LA last night. Ironically, the Mirror claims the braless beauty was deeply concerned about the potential release of a sex tape. “A 47-second tape of Lilo frolicking in the buff with a mystery male is currently being touted around LA,” said the tabloid. The owner, “a waiter with a well-known chain restaurant” (mull that one over for a second), allegedly tried to sell it to Hustler, who then recommended he try an “offshore porn site” that doesn’t have to worry about legal issues.

While it’s hard to imagine how such a clip would hurt the career of anyone wearing a fedora to a sex toy party, the Brit paper’s insider says Lohan isn’t taking the news well. “Lindsay was desperate to start 2010 off on a good footing and this is the very last thing she needs…She is devastated—particularly as she is working hard on cleaning up her act…It is fair to say that Lindsay has had a pretty torrid past 24 hours.” Sure, but it’s also fair to say Lindsay’s had a pretty torrid past 24 years. She’ll be all right.

Among the Vida revelers sharing that torrid time with Lindsay last night were Robin Thicke and Carmen Electra. Check out photos from the red carpet in the gallery below.

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Tiger Woods Sex Tape Offered To Porn Company

Tiger Woods

Those shirtless pics of Tiger Woods in Vanity Fair may not be the only revealing, years-old footage of the golfing star to come out soon. The president of Vivid Entertainment told TMZ that a woman tried to sell him a sex tape starring Tiger two weeks ago. “We saw thirty seconds of it, and we’re working to identify if it’s actually him,” said Steven Hirsch. “We’ll know soon.” When writer Ian Halperin told Life & Style a woman tried to sell him a tape of Tiger having phone sex last month, Hirsch noted, “A Tiger sex tape could be worth $5 million, possibly as high as $10 million.” That sounds more profitable than taking hush money!

But even if someone comes forward with footage, distributors would have to get Tiger to OK its release. And as Hirsch noted, “I don’t have high hopes of that.” With Tiger’s lawyers already threatening anyone who comes forward with one, it looks like the star has farther to sink before he’d consent. But it sure sounds like one’s out there, sports fans—if not more.

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Does The Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Really Exist?

carrie prejean

TMZ made jaws drop and tongues wag yesterday by announcing they’d seen a sex tape that allegedly helped wrap up negotiations between the Miss California pageant and its former champion Carrie Prejean, who was asked to pay them back for her boob job. In a surprising bit of prudence, the site declared that the tape was “too racy” to share (“Let’s just say, Carrie has a promising solo career”). Oh, now we’re classy, guys.

While acknowledging that the pageant is paying $100,000 to Prejean’s legal team (allegedly a fraction of the money she owes them), a source for the Chicago Sun-Times says the sex tape allegations have “been wildly exaggerated and [were] not a factor in the final financial settlement.” Between porn peddlers and angry gay rights activists, it’s hard to imagine such a shameful artifact could stay hidden.

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Shauna Sand To Promote Her Sex Tape

shauna sand

When everyone’s going to see your lemons, you might as well make lemonade. Shauna Sand has announced plans to promote that sex tape she tried to so hard to keep from being released. “I made this video with my ex-boyfriend for our own enjoyment,” the Playmate said in a statement. “But since Vivid obtained a copy and is moving ahead with distribution, I now feel it will be in my best interest to work with Vivid to make sure it is handled properly.”

“I’m taking full control of this situation,” she added. “I’m proud of the way I look in the video. My ex-boyfriend was the cameraman, I edited it and added the music and so I have an interest in the final product.” Sand’s current boyfriend doesn’t seem too embarassed by the attention, standing next to Sand (whose grandmother probably didn’t knit that dress) outside Madeo last night. Maybe he’ll get to direct the sequel.

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McSteamy Sex Tape Details Emerge


Yesterday it was reported that “Grey’s Anatomy” star Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart have a sex tape, but today, additional details have emerged. The latest info is that the tape is actually footage of three people, and the third party is former Miss Teen USA, Kari Ann Peniche. Peniche had been storing the video on her computer hard drive, but she claims the footage was stolen and leaked. Dane’s lawyer downplays the steamy details, saying, “This is simply a private, consensual moment involving a married couple, shot several years ago, which was never intended to be seen by the public. Although the participants are nude, the tape is not a ‘sex tape.'”

The NSFW video is up on Fleshbot (though probably not for long) and we have to admit, it’s boring. Really boring. Sure, there are exposed naughty bits, but for the most part, the “threesome” is just shown lighting candles, lying on their bed, sitting in a tub (not even a hot tub!) and trying to figure out what their porn names would be. And yep, there is no sex at all. At one point Dane discusses water levels and how to work the jets of the tub. We’re titillated.

Dane and Gayheart have threatened to sue anyone who exploits the video and we have to laugh because they should be more worried that they come off as boring, not kinky. [Photo: FilmMagic]

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RiRi And Chris Might Have A Sex Tape

How much mileage can tabloids get out of Rihanna and Chris Brown? That’s the question we’re left asking after digesting this little tidbit from Star Magazine, which claims that Chris and Ri are hiding a sex tape. According to the rag, the singer let Brown record her in some compromising positions, and is now fearful that he’ll let the video leak.

“Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality,” reveals an insider. “But she’d be mortified if her friends and family found this out!” Um, so why are you opening your mouth, anonymous source?

We get that this sex tape rumor keeps a popular and controversial story alive, but aren’t we all about to overdose on Rihanna madness? Let’s all harp on alleged cheater LeAnn Rimes for a few seconds and give Ri a much-needed break.  [Photo: FilmMagic]

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Afternoon Snack: How To Spend Reality TV Cash

What recession? Kim Kardashian‘s got money to burn, which is what the reality TV/sex tape star did at the nail salon this week, when not showing off her booty-tastic curves. At least someone around here can afford a pedicure!  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Britney’s Paparazzi Ex Swears There’s A Sex Tape

Adnan Ghalib, you are a f*cking champ. Plenty of paps have trespassed on a star’s property. You, though, may be the first to trespass on a celebrity’s vagina. After waiting a respectful period after their break-up, Ghalib has announced that he will sell a sex tape featuring himself and Britney Spears, who allegedly appears naked and wearing a pink wig.

What Ghalib had to tell Heat magazine:

There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.

And you could sink no lower. Is there any doubt that this scumsucker seduced Britney during her most fragile state for the sole purpose of acquiring such a valuable commodity? Looks like the limbo bar of human decency has dropped another notch.

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Is This Verne Troyer’s Latest Piece Of Ass?

And if so, how does he reach her ass? Shouldn’t she hop off that stool and put her man on it instead? Verne Troyer is allegedly getting his tiny groove on with 22-year old model Dominique Arganese (pictured above), who hails from Montreal, Canada. The pair were spotted dining, drinking and making out all over Las Vegas together, which sounds like a way sexier show than Siegfried and Roy’s tiger party.

If this is in fact Verne’s new girl, it solidifies his rep not just as a player, but as a connoisseur pretty young things. His sex tape partner Renae Shrider is also 22 – do we see a small trend growing here?