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by (@missmuttoo)

Alicia Silverstone’s New Gig … Endorsing Vibrators! No, We’re Not Joking

Alicia Silverstone Endorses Vibrators Online

So here’s the thing about Alicia Silverstone. Everything she does is so … Alicia. Catch our drift? Like, naming her son Bear Blue, and then feeding him by spitting in his mouth. It’s done with some much conviction and she truly believes she’s livin’ her vegan, nature-lovin’ life the best she can. So when we hear that Alicia is now endorsing vibrators, we were wondering how this would fit in her grand hippie-ish scheme of things? Yes, you heard right. We did say that Alicia was endorsing vibrators. And get the name — Leaf Vibes. It’s totally Alicia’s eco-conscious steez! The actress has been shilling the toys online and her personal message on the website — which comes with an “educational video“, not featuring her sadly — makes us want to walk down the street hugging people and throwing out peace signs simultaneously. “Ok, ladies — sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra … something … when you’re getting it on (solo, with your partner…whatever floats your boat). There is one personal massager company that’s actually kinder than all the rest,” she writes. Because what we want from our sex toys primarily, is for them to be kind and compassionate. Apart from telling us that they’re, “phalate-free, super-soft (and safe) silicone, and they use rechargeable batteries” and that the packaging is also made from recycled materials, Alicia likes that they, “come in a bunch of different shapes, all inspired by nature. I like that they look natural and feminine … like leaves and flowers … not scary.” Flower-power vibrators? Is the era of free love upon us again? Alicia nails it in the end with one of the best closing statement ever: “It’s nice to know that you can get your green on and your groove on at the same time!” If that doesn’t make the vibrators sell out, we don’t know what will. Goodbye, Rabbit (c’mon, you know you remember it from Sex and the City.) You had your time in the sun!

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