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Chris Hemsworth Is Crowned People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Last night, Chris Hemsworth was announced as People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive! The Thor heartthrob joins the ranks of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and more by snagging the honor. Watch the clip above to see how our Gossip Table panelists feel about the pick. In the gallery below, we’ve documented Hemsworth’s sexiness onscreen and off.

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10 Of People‘s Sexiest Men Alive At Their Best And Worst

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With the news that Adam Levine is expected to be People’s Sexiest Man Alive, we thought it was time to go back and review past covers. We don’t think the magazine always picked the actors at their peak hotness. (Ben Affleck circa 2010, anyone?) But then again, the magazine didn’t pick them at their worst. (Oh, Nick Nolte…) Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out each man at their best, worst and People‘s cover.

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