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by (@hallekiefer)

Ariel Winter’s Mom Denies Attempt To Release Nude Photos Of Daughter; We Want To Barf Slightly Less

Ariel Winter's Mother Denies Nude Photo Rumors

Is there a word for “slightly less horrified than we were before”? No, not “happy” or “pleased.” Something more neutral than that. Maybe “not currently throwing up”? We are currently not throwing up after TMZ reported that Modern Family’s Ariel Winter‘s mom Chrystal Workman has denied attempting to shop around nude photos of her eldest daughter Shanelle. “I have no naked photos of my daughter,” Workman told the site. Well, we guess that’s the best sentence involving the phrase “naked photos of my daughter” we can imagine someone saying. Thank goodness for small blessings!

Yesterday publicist Jonathan Hay came forward claiming the Workman had allegedly come to him hoping to release said naked photos to the media. We’re not exactly sure why anyone would ever do such a noxious thing, but we assume it would hypothetically have something to do with the fact Shanelle was awarded guardianship of Ariel. Also, maybe the devil would have something to do with it? Hay claims he refused Workman’s request. Best case scenario: Hay made all this up and Ariel and Shanelle only have worry about those…previous…abuse allegations. Worst case scenario: well, there’s a reason we have a legal system. And a gag reflex. And common human decency.

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