Shay The UK Bombshell

by (@unclegrambo)

Meet Shay The UK Bombshell, Kanye West’s New Squeeze

shay-uk-bombshellrnrnIn order to achieve (not to mention maintain!) “larger than life” status in the entertainment world, today’s image-conscious stars go to extreme length to ensure that all facets of both their careers and their personal lives are outsized. Kanye West is, at this moment, perhaps the best embodiment of this desire: From his concert tours to his clothing collection to, yes, his girlfriends, nothing Kanye does is understated. After parting ways with bald beauty Amber Rose, Bossip is reporting that his new ladyfriend is none other than British pin-up girl and hip-hop video girl, Shay the UK Bombshell. While Rose was perhaps best known for her, um, healthy booty, his new arm candy is best known for her soon-to-be infamous 30 JJ bra size. Oh, and did we mention that Shay the UK Bombshell is on Twitter, too?rnrnAs a means of helping you get to know Kanye’s latest flame, we here at The FABLife have put together this gallery of pictures that Shay has posted to her Twitpic account of late. Enjoy!rnrn

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