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Matthew McConaughey Does His Patriotic Duty In Official Magic Mike Photo

Matthew McConaughey, we salute you. While real firefighters, cops and infantry men might be too busy actually doing their jobs to strip down to their bronzer-stained thongs, Matt and co-stars Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello prepare to bare it all for our benefit in the first official photo from Steven Soderbergh‘s upcoming Magic Mike. A film where McConaughey gets to combine his hatred of shirts with our love of themed semi-nudity? Let. Freedom. Ring.

If the Lincoln Lawyer star wasn’t already pleased with the service he’s doing for his country (i.e. whatever you call those indents under a guy’s abs), McConaughey is also currently riding a camouflage pontoon boat of love down the surging river of holiday engagements. “Just asked camila to marry me, #MerryChristmas,” Matthew tweeted this weekend, along with a photo of a kiss shared with girlfriend and mother of his two children Camila Alves. Congratulations to Camila and Matthew on their festive news! And congratulations to us, for a 2012 filled with greased-up abs…and liberty!

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Is That Gerard Butler Or James Bond In The New L’Oreal Ad

Trust him to make moisturizer butch. Gerard Butler is the latest face for L’Oreal. Excuse us, for L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert, for their Hydra Energetic line, to be precise. Sadly, Gerry’s Scottish burr isn’t going to be gracing U.S screens because his contract is international. Translation: none of the ad’s will air in America (even though it was filmed in New York in October).

Luckily, we have Gerard’s latest L’Oreal offering, to drool (and have a giggle) over, just in case you didn’t get your fix from buff Gerry in our top 15 shirtless dudes gallery (photos). It’s all very James Bond-esque with Butler “fighting the five signs of fatigue”, while zooming around on motor bikes, playing poker and of course, making out with a hot chick. ‘Cause that’s what L’Oreal men do. They don’t just moisturize.

And because the internets are kind, check out this behind-the-scenes video of Gerard shooting the commercial and talking about how he’s a man on a mission! Because he’s worth it!

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The Top 15 Shirtless Dudes Of 2010

Shirtless Dudes

You would think there would be scores of shirtless pictures of male celebrities just floating about. Not so much, people—2010 seems to have been the year of the shy bloke, especially compared to the  100 Hottest Celeb Bikini Pics of 2010 we put together. A couple of our favorites did not disappoint, though. The likes of David Beckham, Gerard Butler and Kellan Lutz, among others, all bared their torsos this year. We found these studs on soccer fields, on beaches, on television sets, and brought them to you as a have-a-great-new year present! Enjoy the drool-worthy gallery below.

15. Christiano Ronaldo

14. Robert Pattinson

13. Orlando Bloom

12. Matthew Morrison

11. Seal

10. Gerard Butler

9. Jesus Luz

8. Taylor Lautner

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

6. Stephen Dorff

5. Matt Lanter

4. Kellan Lutz

3. Craig David

2. Paul Walker

1. David Beckham

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