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Trendspotting: Kate Upton, Katy Perry And Ashanti Step Out In ‘SEX’ Shoes

The late great Amy Winehouse famously wrote a song called “(F–k Me) Pumps”, about the sexy shoes women wear out to fancy clubs.  But now designer Christian Louboutin took it one step further with a line of kicks emblazoned with the word “SEX”! The shoes feature genuine Swarovski crystals, and at $1,400 a pair, they don’t come cheap. But the high price tag hasn’t made them any less popular with style conscious (and sexy!) stars. Kate Upton stepped out in her new Loubs at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares benefit in New York City last night, while Katy Perry wore her own pair to the ECHO Awards in Berlin last week. Singer Ashanti was also seen sporting the suggestive shoe at the Falguni & Shane Peacock Fall 2012 fashion show during New York Fashion Week last month. She’s obviously ahead of the curve! Would you want a pair of these NSFW shoes for yourself? Head to the gallery below for a closer look!

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Rihanna Had A Really Good Time At Last Night’s Lakers Game

Rihanna knows what’s important in life: good friends, giant beers, fabulous gold Louboutins worn with jean shorts and a t-shirt, and, of course, the L.A. Lakers, whom the singer rooted for at last night’s home game in L.A. Also, beers. Did we mention the beers?

Luckily those are all also excellent ways to celebrate the news that Rihanna is reportedly the top-selling digital artist of all time, racking up 47.5 million digital downloads since she started killing it in 2005. News like this calls for a few more amazing pairs of Louboutins. Did you think we were going to say a few more amazing beers? We were.

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Rapper Tinie Tempah Shells Out $37,500 For Marty McFly Kicks

It’s official: the future is now. Fans of the classic film franchise Back To The Future have always coveted Michael J. Fox’s space age kicks from the second installment. Fox’s character MartyMcFly has to travel to the year 2015 to get his power-lacing Nike Mags, but luckly for us we don’t have to wait that long. Nike has produced a limited edition run of 1,500 pairs of the sneaker! The shoes sadly lack the power lacing (what have we been doing with our resources, America!?) but they still look pretty damn cool, featuring LED lights and an electroluminescent Nike logo. Heavy!

How do you snag a pair for yourself? Well the shoes aren’t sold in stores, but are up for auction on eBay. Nike says that the proceeds are going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson Research, which the temptation for us to buy ‘em all the more overwhelming. And apparently we’re not the only one who’s having a hard time holding back. British rapper Tinie Tempah bought himself the first pair last night at an LA auction for a whopping $37,500! Great Scott!! A source close to Tinie says that the dude’s a serious shoe collector. Ya think!? At least it’s for a good cause. And we’d probably do the exact same thing if we had the cash. We haven’t had light-up shoes since our LA Gears back in ’95, and we miss them terribly.

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