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We Give Ryan Lochte Eight Swims For Being A Champ About Seth MacFarlane’s SNL Parody

Ryan Lochte Laughs Off Seth McFarlane SNL Parody

Ryan Lochte already owned a tiny, horny piece of our heart after blowing up at the 2012 Olympics. Now we love him even more for being a real sport about Seth MacFarlane’s highly unflattering impression of him on SNL this weekend. “Well I gotta admit that was a pretty harsh one, but it’s cool to have Seth parody me,” Ryan admitted to Celebuzz. “I think he pegged me wrong, but when I heard he did a skit I knew I was in for it!” If it sounds like Ryan isn’t exactly thrilled with the impression, check out the Family Guy creator’s Lochte steez after the jump. Who would be excited about being portrayed as a drooling, mumbly jock with baby bangs? If we were Ryan, we’d never leave the pool! You know, so no one could see our tears?

Maybe it’s all those OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS that make Ryan a bigger person than we. “It’s all in fun and of course if I’m talked about on SNL I know they are gonna get me ‘Go-od,’” Ryan joked. Overall, Lochte declared, “I give Seth two swims!” Oh man, that’s like a thousand thumbs up! On a related note, why do they give all the good lines on Animal Hospital to the monkey? That doesn’t seem particularly fair…

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Jay Pharoah Is Now SNL‘s Barack Obama

Jay Pharoah Is Barack Obama On SNL

The creator and producer of Saturday Night Life, Lorne Michaels, has confirmed that the show has got itself a new Barack Obama character. Jay Pharoah, who has been featured on the show two years running, is going to be portraying Obama, taking over from Fred Armisen. Armisen has played the Obama role since 2008 (from the election onwards.) Michaels explains the decision, saying, “Jay has been doing Obama in his act this summer, and Jay is coming into his own. I just thought it might be time to shake it up.” A previous criticism of Armisen’s character was an obvious one — that the African-American president was not being played by an African-American actor on the show. The new season begins on September 25 and Pharoah is now a full-fledged member of the cast. His impersonations of Obama have already gone viral on the internet, so we know he’s going to be re in the role. SNL’s had some pretty memorable political character sketchs so far — George Bush by Will Ferrell, Bill Clinton by Phil Hartman and Hillary Clinton by Amy Poehler and Sarah Palin by Tina Fey. Can Pharoah elevate the character to those ranks? Here’s hoping!

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Abby Elliott Is Leaving SNL? Luckily We’ve Got 5 Up-And-Comers SNL Can Hire Right Now!

Abby Elliott Leavs SNL

Abby Elliott is officially leaving SNL, and so begins the show’s meticulous search for a new cast member. Or SNL could just hire one of the five comedians we chose for them below! Weeee! What a time saver! Seriously though, seeing as how SNL hired the hilarious Kate McKinnon immediately before Kristen Wiig‘s exit (and Andy Samberg shan’t be returning in the fall), it only stands to reason the show will be bringing in some new faces soon. Maybe some of the faces can be…these faces?

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Sofia Vergara Shows Us What’s So Funny About The Hunger Games

We’ve been worried sick about the news that Gary Ross and Lionsgate are still on the fence about whether the director will return for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. (Negotiations are ongoing as of Monday, we hear.) Would anyone else be able to nail the tone of this story the way he did? But now, we’ve decided not to fret, thanks to Sofia Vergara and Saturday Night Live, who showed us what the movie would be like in the hands of someone, well, less reverent.

In a pink Effie Trinket wig, Vergara shimmied, laughed and gave a great Univision-worthy yell as the Capitol’s newest Hunger Games correspondent, Maria Gutierrez, reporting live from the arena and enjoying herself immensely as the kids stab each other nearby. And in the studio, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen yukked it up as Claudius and Caesar, echoing a number of silly sports news show SNL’s done over the years.
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Did Tina Fey’s Kids Mess Up Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Monologue?

Tina Fey‘s kids, we blame youuuuuuuuu! Well, not really, but we are sort of peeved that we didn’t get to see the 30 Rock star make a delicious cameo in Lindsay Lohan’s SNL monologue this past weekend. Not to point too many fingers, but it was apparently Fey’s germy adorable babies who threw a wrench in the works. “Tina committed to doing the monologue with Lindsay but both of her children got sick,” her rep revealed to the NY Daily News. “She was unable to participate as planned.” See, this is why our kids are going to be raised in a gigantic plasticine bubble: there is no way they are accidentally ruining any of Lindsay Lohan‘s big comebacks!

A source claims the former SNL head writer was “well into a draft of an opener that would have featured her and Lohan” before her family issues forced her to pull out of the show. So tell us: would a Fey cameo have lifted Lilo’s hosting gig to the next level, or is there no amount of Tina that could have saved Lindsay’s lackluster performance? Please watch the monologue again while mentally inserting a ghostly Tina onstage, and tell us what you think:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Lindsay Lohan Is A “Good Sport” Says SNL’s Taran Killam

There’s good and bad news for Lindsay Lohan on the Monday after her fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The good news: It was the second-highest-rated episode of the season, behind only the Charles Barkley episode that aired after an NFL playoff game. The bad: She’s being critically panned for seeming nervous and obviously reading cue cards. FABlife readers are pretty evenly divided in our poll: While 46 percent say she was “Terrible,” 23 percent thought she was “Fantastic,” and 30 percent said she did “OK.”

How did the castmembers think she did? Well, obvs they’re not about to pan Lindsay’s performance in public, but Taran Kellam, who co-starred with her in the “Real Housewives of Disney” and “B108FM” sketches, did talk to VH1 News about the experience on the red carpet of Epix’s Secret Policeman’s Ball on Sunday.

“There was, of course, apprehension going in, and she just diffused that almost immediately,” Taran admitted. “She was really great, a good sport.” Read more…

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Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Stint: How’d She Do?

Lindsay Lohan admitted to Matt Lauer on Thursday that she was counting on her Saturday Night Live hosting gig to begin proving to the world (movie producers) that she’s a trustworthy, still-promising actress who’s ready and willing to work again. Seems like a tall order for a show whose original cast was basically high the entire time they were on air and which has put some episodes in the hands of such capable hands as Charles Barkley.

So, how did she do? It’s kind of hard to tell — it seems like the writers didn’t really put all their faith in LiLo, since in most skits, she was relegated to the sidelines or the straight-man role. Her opening monologue provided the most self-aware laughs: Read more…

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Lindsay Lohan’s Today Show Interview Makes Us Want To Hire Her

Whoa, guys. Maybe we drank Matt Lauer’s Kool-Aid, but we’re finding ourselves completely blown away by Lindsay Lohan’s interview on Today this morning. Disconcerting plastic surgery and bangs aside, Lindsay looked poised, confident and just the right amount of humbled as she spoke openly about the past couple years and how she plans to rehabilitate her image after feeling like she’s rehabilitated her self.

“This last whirlwind of experiences this past year and a half, I’ve kind of just taken a step back and been like, I’m not doing what I love to do and I need to find a way to find that balance again,” she said. As if she were speaking before a judge, or maybe a casting director, Lindsay repeated how much she wants to work again and acknowledged that she has to do a lot to make people want to hire her.

“I think that takes time. It takes actions. I need to go through the process of proving myself. With SNL, with being on time, keeping my … stuff together,” she said, admitting that she emailed Lorne Michaels repeatedly to convince him to have her host this week’s episode.
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Everyone’s Freaking Out Over Lindsay Lohan’s Face In Her SNL Promos

Lindsay Lohan is really taking it on the chin over her SNL promos, isn’t she? We would normally follow up that statement with a plastic surgery joke, except everyone on the planet has already done that for us. Look, we rip on Lilo as much as the next everybody, but all the concentrated face-centric Lohan bashing we saw today made us want to sit alone in a dark room and think about our lives. Since a lonely, darkened room is where we blog from anyway, we instead snapped out of it and collected the most vicious Lindsay Lohan SNL promo headlines we could find. For example, says Us Weekly:

Hoo boy. There’s also…
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Seth Meyers And “Genius” Kristen Wiig Bring The Hotness To Vogue

Kristen Wiig‘s Vogue profile is basically a mushy love letter from every single person she knows. As it should be! “I don’t know if anyone ever showed up better equipped for the show than Kristen did,” SNL head writer Seth Meyers gushes. “She was immediately great at it, and it’s a very hard job to be great at. Her characters were broad but built out of incredibly subtle observations.” Sean Penn, Wiig’s costar in the upcoming film The Comedian, might have them all beat in the compliment department, though. “I don’t go to a dinner party where people don’t refer to her as a genius,” he claims. “She’s a writer, she can invent characters and stories, and she has a touch that translates. It’s her game to play.” Man, if only the Target lady could see Kristen now. You know she would approve.

As with most famous ladies, fame brings with it fashion, and in the article Wiig praises Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci and Isabel Marant as her favorite couture. “I always say I want to look haunted.” the Bridesmaids star said of her Golden Globes Bill Blass frock.  The only flaw we could find in the profile? The writer describing Kristen as “the face to watch in female comedy.” How about the face to watch…winning an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay? The face to watch…killing it on your TV every week? The face…who looks great despite what said face’s owner thinks? “I’m going to need a lot of under-eye work,” Wiig joked about hitting the red carpet. “Concealer.”

[Photo: Vogue]