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Snooki May Get A Law Named After Her! Also, She Looks Awesome After Pregnancy

Snooki and friends

Assuming the above photo wasn’t taken a year ago and just posted to her Instagram this weekend, Snooki is looking amazing after just giving birth to baby Lorenzo a month ago. We’re sure she was thrilled to go out with her “besties” too. And clearly, she and her friends aren’t in the least bit bothered by the fact that the Jersey Shore star’s past televised antics are now the subject of a proposed law in her adopted home state. New Jersey Assembleyman Ronald Dancer (love that name, btw) introduced the Snookiville Law on Monday, according to the Associated Press. The law would let individual towns impose certain restrictions on TV crews shooting reality shows, such as requiring the production to pay for the increased police presence sometimes required when the casts are out and about.

The law probably won’t affect Jersey Shore itself, since the last season is wrapping up soon. And Snooki & JWOWW has hardly been causing a public disturbance. But will it cause other productions to think twice about deciding to set their shows in the state? And will towns then lose revenue as a result? We’ll keep an eye out for this one.

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Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Makes His Adorable Debut On People

Snooki and baby Lorenzo Dominic LaValle

Wearing Italian flag booties and a onesie with a chain printed on it, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle and his mama, Snooki, grace the cover of this week’s People. Not that you’re really paying attention to his outfit at first, ’cause that mug of his is distractingly cute. Which makes up for the fact that most of the quotes Snooki gives about motherhood sound exactly like every other magazine interview with a first-time mother.

“It’s a different kind of love that I never felt before,” she told the magazine. But she also made a promise that pretty much explains why the Jersey Shore is ending at just the right time, following the upcoming season: “When I got pregnant, everything changed. The partying is long gone. I’m a new person.”

Fiance Jionni LaValle and Snooki also explained the origins of their son’s name: Jionni knew a kid in his hometown named Lorenzo, and Dominic is the name of Snooki’s late uncle. “I did it for my dad,” she said.

Another adorable photo of the happy family is available on MTV News.

[Photo: People]

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Snooki Welcomes Baby Lorenzo, Says “Being A Mom Is An Amazing Feeling!”


Of course, the first child of America’s favorite pint-size party girl was born at 3 a.m. Sunday — Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, son of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jionni LaValle, was probably ready to hit the club the minute he entered the world. The 6 lb., 5 oz. newest Jersey Shore castmember (we hope) was born in the wee hours at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey, MTV News reports. A rep said that the new family is “doing great.”

So how is the new mama feeling? “I am SO IN LOVE with my son Lorenzo Dominic! I had my little man last night, healthy at 6lbs! HE’S MY WORLD!” Snooki tweeted at 9 this morning, later adding, “Being a mom is an amazing feeling!!! I love my little man to death! Jionni is such a cute dad.”
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New Jersey Town Afraid Of Snooki & JWoww Season 2 Shooting Clearly Hasn’t Seen Season 1

Dear residents of Manchester, New Jersey:

It has come to our attention that many of you allegedly have concerns about Snooki and JWoww descending on your town like a pair of beautiful, orange locusts when shooting begins on the second season of Snooki & JWoww. According to TMZ, S&J’s production company 495 Productions allegedly sussed out your small town and gained permission from your mayor to film before some of you had even heard about it. Having seen and/or smelled Jersey Shore, you were (rightfully!) concerned that Snooki & Co. are about to bring the Jersey Turnpike straight through your town, and not in the helpful way where it’s easier to get to Trenton. Having watched every episode of Snooki & JWoww so far, we want to lay all those fears to rest.

First of all, Snooki will be having a baby before or during filming of the second season. If she’s spent 90% of the first season sleeping, decorating things with leopard-print duct tape and/or having wholesome sit-down meals with her in-laws, we doubt she’s suddenly going to go buck wild once there’s a newborn in the mix. As for JWoww, she’s never been the party monster of the group, and from what we can tell, now spends most of her free time picking up dog poop produced by her three tiny, insane pooches and screaming at Roger. We think they’ve done to the club twice in nine episodes, and during one visit Snooki demanded they go home early. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and check out Snooki’s Twitter. Bump pics, fan shout-outs, photos of sequined shoulder pads: there’s nary a Red Bull and Vodka or dubstep remix in sight. Hey, you’ll probably even learn to love them! Not those little dogs though. Those little dogs are…well, they’re no good.


Vh1 Celeb

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Newt Gingrich Might Have Been Joking About Him Making A Snooki & JWoww Cameo; We’re Not

What’s this burning sensation? Is this what synergy feels like? Either we need to see a doctor immediately, or we’re right in thinking a Newt Gingrich/Snooki mash-up would have tremendous grossover appeal. We meant to type “crossover,” but we’re keeping it because it just feels right. Either way, the former Congressman and current conservative pundit definitely shared a moment with the Jersey Shore star on Leno last night. “I’m very impressed!” Gingrich gushed at Snooki during her interview about her writing career, adding, “Congratulations on having two New York Times best-sellers!” Man, this is like Snooki/John McCain all over again, but without all the messy sexual tension! It was in that moment we realized how Newt and Snooki’s similarities would make for a perfect reality show team-up on Snooki & JWoww. Similarities like…

  1. A focus on family values.
  2. Similar head circumference (Ideal gigantic hat-sharing conditions! Squeee!)
  3. A desire to bask in the warm glow of nation-wide attention forever and ever, amen.
  4. The tendency to look endearingly silly standing next to JWoww.
  5. Have both taken a trip down the Jersey Turnpike at some point in their lives. (Note: please interpret this double entendre to your liking.)

So why in the Holy Reality TV Lord’s name would Newt and Snooki ever work together? Look, Gingrich needs to find an in with the Under 70 crowd and Snooki….well, have you seen Snooki & JWoww? It’s fun, but with Snooki’s pregnancy and engagement precluding the drinking, fighting and stranger smooshing of Jersey Shore, the ladies have a lot of airtime to fill. Airtime that could be filled giving Newt Gingrich a guidette makeover!

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Snooki & JWoww: The 25 Funniest Photos Of Their Jersey Shore “Sister-mance”

The 25 funniest photos of Snooki and JWoww

Celebrity couples come and go, but we know one famous duo who will survive until the end of time (or at least until their contract runs out). Of course we’re talking about Snooki and JWoww! From the moment these two exploded out of the small screen in a cloud of hair, booze and spray tan goo, we saw that those two had that certain special something. Sure, the Situation has his abs, Pauly D has his blow-out, Ronnie has his Ron-Ron Juice (fun fact: it’s not steroids), and Vinny has his…err, we’ll get back to you. But Snooks and JWoww possessed something greater: complete and total failure to give a f—.

We’re glad someone finally wised up and gave these two dynamos their very own spin-off reality show, the aptly titled Snooki & Jwoww. And even better news? It premieres tonight! So to mark this momentous occasion, we’ve made a little scrapbook documenting their friendship. If we were making an opening credits montage to their new show, we’d use these priceless pix. Is there a female equivalent of a bromance? A “femance?” A “sister-mance?” Meh, we’ll get back to you on that one, too. But whatever it’s called, these two have it. So head on down to the gallery below to see the 25 most hilarious moments brought to us by Snooki and JWoww. Enjoy!

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