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Snooki Celebrates The Best Part Of Being Pregnant: Massive Cleav

Snooki is undoubtedly dealing with morning sickness, swollen ankles and a grotesquely stretched navel piercing right now, so why not celebrate the single best thing about being pregnant: the temporarily gigantic bosoms? Okay, clearly the single best thing is the adorable tiny human that comes out of you and becomes your family, but you have to wait nine months for that! You and your Twitter followers can enjoy jaw-dropping curves right now! “I got swagger with my pregnant self =),” the Jersey Shore star tweeted today along with a photo featuring her plunging neckline. Someone tell Deena that we like the boobs already. If not, she’s just going to keep asking.

“They won’t stop growing. I’m scared,” Snooki replied to a follower’s flattering comments. We’re scared too, girl. Will JWoww be able to handle the competition? Do they even let pregnant women into tanning beds? What about spray tan? We have so many pressing questions that Snooki’s boobs cannot answer! Oh, Snooki also tweeted a cuddly photo of herself with her bethrothed Jionni LaValle, showing off her massive engagement ring and gushing “My FIANCÉ!!!” in what seems to be the first public confirmation that they are actually engaged. Let’s be real though, this guy is going to be around for a while. Until then…stop obstructing our view of Snooki’s chesticles!

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Snooki Walks Her Purple Dog To A Psychic, Is Going To Be A Fun Mom

We think it’s safe to say that Snooki is most well-known for getting dreezy, commandeering the smush room at will and indulging in a Shore Shower whenever the need and/or opportunity arises. When drinking and (hopefully) the UTIs fade into the background now that the Jersey Shore star is with child, what will be left is a bundle of fun who would actually be a pretty awesome mom to have. Or…at least an awesome mom to know.

For example, wouldn’t you love it if your best friend’s mother put on her high-waisted slacks, slipped into her gold-tipped wedges and walked her lavender dog to a psychic, as Snooks did this week in Jersey City while filming her upcoming spin-off? This makes us so glad girl signed on for Jersey Shore Season 6. See, you can be sober and pregnant and still be amazing. Just give that woman a rabbit costume and a box of Clinique samples and she’ll be tearing up until the moment she enters the maternity ward, and probably after. And if it gets to be too much, there’s always Auntie JWoww, who can always provide you with some much needed sanity. Plus she can mentor you in strength training!

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Snooki Gets Clicked While Getting Inked

Snooki should really know this is not the most attractive look for her. Why on earth would you invite the paparazzi to click a moment that is reserved solely for grimacing and, if your threshold for pain isn’t particularly high, screaming. She was in L.A. this weekend and decided to pop into the Martlet Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, along with cameras, of course. The Jersey Shore star got, what else, stars tattooed on her shoulder. But get this, they’re leopard-print stars! We die. She probably just pointed at her earrings and said — tattoo that. Snooki also seems to have got one rather large tiger-stripe star as well. For a closer look, click after the jump. Read more…


That’s Amore! Snooki And Deena Bring Frenching To Italy

Where do we even begin? To say that last night’s makeout sesh between Snooki and Deena on Jersey Shore was a trainwreck is a pretty apt description, especially considering that episode eventually ended with Snooki crashing into an Italian cop car. America’s favorite meatballs (and Italy’s least favorite meatballs) are at it again, but this time, it’s with each other. Literally. Check out our gallery to witness Deena and Nicole go at it at the club, the car, the house, and their room, with the grand finale being their reactions when their roommates clued them in about the events of the night before. As Sammi Sweetheart would say, “Not a good look.”

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Dr. Snooklove or: How Snooki Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Jersey Shore

Waaah-hoooo! On the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, America’s favorite pickle addict/diminuitive star of the Jersey Shore, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, is pretty clearly paying tribute to Slim Pickens’ famed rocket ride from the stone classic 1964 film, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb. That said, we’re fairly confident that this Stanley Kubrick reference was lost on our gal Snooks.

In a video interview taken during the cover shoot (which we’ve got for you below), she compares the rocket ship she’s straddling to Seabiscuit, but not because of the extreme speed with which both the rocket and the famous equine moved. Nope, “Seabiscuit” is a reference to the size of her housemate Vinny’s, um, “ding dong” (her words, not ours). Glad we got that clarification! As the interview continues, she also discusses what life is really like inside the Jersey Shore house (“It’s just like prison, with cameras”), as well as her aspirations for life after the show (“What I’d like is to turn out like Jessica Simpson, with her whole brand. She makes millions”), among other bits of Snooki-related marginalia.

Oh, and did we mention she deep throats a pickle, too?

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