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Jersey Shore Is Headed Back To The Motherland!

We haven’t been in a war with any European countries in the last two centuries or so; isn’t it time we let Snooki start another one? Rumor has it that Jersey Shore will shoot in Italy next season, if the Italian government doesn’t classify them all as an infectious disease and prevent them from coming through customs. Allegedly executives started applications for cast and crew visas two months ago. We were wondering how producers would handle another season now that the reality stars are more famous than most Oscar nominees; unleashing them on a new unsuspecting population is the perfect way to keep things fresh.

Sources say that the show’s reps are currently scouting locations on the peninsula, and have contacted Vinny’s relatives to host the gang for a traditional meal. Sunday dinners mean the same thing in every language! While we hope this doesn’t interfere with Snooki and JWoww‘s spin-off show or Pauly D’s new gig, we bet they could just film their cab rides to the airport and get enough material for a six episode run. Those producers know most international flights give out free wine, right? Genius.

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Snooki Sits With Kim Kardashian—Reality TV’s Brain Just Exploded

There’s no news connected with this picture other than that Snooki and Kim Kardashian were at the same Mavericks vs Nets ball game in New Jersey. This photo goes beyond news, people. You’ve got the two biggest ball-changers in the reality TV game in one frame. What was reality TV like before these two came along? Sure, it was there, but c’mon guys… Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jersey Shore? They gave a whole new meaning (and spawned a whole new generation) of 15-minute-fame seekers who, somehow, managed crossing over into celebrity-land. And you better believe they’ll claw your eyes out if you try to get them to leave.

For that utter dedication to being, erm, them, we salute Snooki and Kim. We love the fact that Snooki’s try to look like Kim in this photo. She sent the photo to Kim over Twitter without a message, because she had to be cool. Ok? Because celebrities can also be fangirls. Check out the gallery for more of their mutual admiration. [Photo: Twitter/Getty Images]

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Snooki And JWoww Land Themselves A Spin-Off!

In news that makes us want to beat up the beat, Snooki and JWoww are getting their own spin-off. According to a source, Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley will be in Long Island filming the pilot this weekend. Look, it’s not that we don’t love the other Jersey girls and boys. It’s just that we love Snooki and JWoww so much more. The show reportedly doesn’t have a particular hook other than Nicole and Jenni’s amazing personalities. The title might not be Snookin’ For Love, but we all know that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

The girls join Pauly D in furthering their careers with more reality TV, despite the fact that their time at the shore has opened up a variety of outlets for their particular brand of awesome. Snooki’s about six months and a couple million dollars away from a media empire now that her novel A Shore Thing is a New York Times best-seller, while JWoww’s artistic abilities as an undergrad have recently come to light. These ladies are shaping up to be a regular Oprah and Gayle, but with slightly more weave-pulling and faceplants.

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Joy Behar Hits Back At Snooki And JWoww’s Video Parody

Seen the Snooki and JWoww video parody of Joy Behar, yet? It’s pretty hilarious, but didn’t the Jersey Shore guidettes know that Joy was totally going to hit back? Of course, the snark’s hidden by a veil of politeness, with Joy releasing a statement that reads, “I wish Snooki all the best with her book.” But considering the fake Joy-real Snooki character said things like “I don’t give a f— about anyone because my heart is this small” on the video, the gloves are now off.

Behar responded to the mock-video on The View saying, “I didn’t know they allowed cameras into AA meetings.” She was joking of course, but… was she really?  We doubt she excepted them to be listening, much less responding to the (plenty of) stuff she says about the Jersey Shore crew. About Snooki and JWoww personally, she added, “I didn’t realize I was such a big celebrity for them to take me on like that.” Agreed. But it’s pretty damn funny either way.

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Jersey Shore Just Got Mini-Me’d


Gah! Our eyes! It’s pint-sized Snooki, mini-Situation and little J-Woww! Luckily, this isn’t for real. At least we hope so. All we know is the JWoww tweeted this picture of these tiny guidettes and guido, writing, “Omg lol classic RT @HannahNeverman: love this. @sn00ki @ITSTHESITUATION@JENNIWOWW”

We’re thinking it’s a very late Halloween picture by a fan or friend? ‘Cause these kids are adorable. We can’t have them fist-pumping or getting their GTL on at this age.

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Snooki Hates Being Called Snooki, But Is It Her Name That Makes Her Famous?


Snooki, whose given name is Nicole Polizzi, is fed up with her nickname. Polizzi revealed the origin of her famous nickname on Rachael Ray‘s talk show last year saying the name was given to her because she was the first of her friends to make out with a boy. “So you know Save the Last Dance Snooki the cootchie crook? It was the D.J.,” Polizzi told Ray. “Anyway, my girls started calling me Snooki, so it just stuck ever since. I was in eighth grade!” Even though the name’s been around for years, she recently said “I miss my real name. I miss people calling me Nicole.”

We totally understand and think she could make the transition from Jersey Shore Snooki to regular person Nicole.  Hey, Marky Mark eased into life as Mark Wahlberg, and The Rock is now semi-serious actor Dwayne Johnson, so people have a tendency to move on, although not without the occasional reference to the past. What do you think, would Snooki be as successful if she went back to her old name, or does she need to be Snooki to stay on top of (or inside, as the case may be) the ball?

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Snooki Channels Joy Behar In Talk Show Parody Video

Snooki and J-Woww are certainly not oblivious to what people say about them. The two Jersey Shore stars filmed their own phony talk show recently and Snooki did an impression of The View‘s Joy Behar where she took Behar to task for constantly criticizing the Jersey Shore. Watch as Snooki chastises herself for waking up in garbage cans, managing to write a book while illiterate, and being a whore. Our favorite part is toward the end where Snooki-as-Joy explains why she hates the Shore kids so much, saying  “I don’t give a f— about anyone because my heart is this small.”


Dr. Drew Continues To Provoke, Basically Calls Snooki An Alcoholic And A Freak

Dr. Drew Pinsky has never been shy about sharing his opinion, but lately he’s been calling out celebrities for their behavior and it can be scathing at times. Recently he predicted that Brangelina‘s relationship would end in a “nuclear eruption” and today Pinsky is targeting Snooki and the people who love her.

The good doctor, who’s publicizing his new show called Dr. Drew Pinsky, takes a dig at the Jersey Shore star, saying “Forget her behavior. She’s no different from any other alcoholic. Let’s talk about why we watch it.” While we don’t condone drinking to excess or waking up in garbage cans, as Snooki claims to do regularly, we don’t know if great to publicly call out someone you consider to be an alcoholic. To his point about why we watch, well, it’s the best of everything. A train wreck meets high comedy. Soft core porn meets your worst nightmare. It’s got something for everyone, really.

Dr. Drew followed up with another biting remark about Snooki, saying “I’ve said this before — we’ve gone from fascination with physical freaks to fascination with behavioral freaks.” Again, not the most constructive thing to say about someone if you truly believe they need help, and we’re inclined  to think he’s overstepping his bounds with his blunt critiques.  But then again, it’s certainly a great way to publicize your new show.

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Snooki Slippers, Snooki Jewelry, Snooki Sunglasses! It Can All Be Yours


Looks like Snooki‘s book is only the tip of her merchandising iceberg. She is milking her 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth, which is exactly why she has agreed to a licensing deal where her name and style will be applied to all sorts of new products. To start, Snooki has struck a deal with Happy Feet, the slipper company whose products she regularly wears on Jersey Shore so that you too can wear a little bit of pouf of your piggies. She has also designed a pendant necklace on just in time for Valentine’s Day which, coincidentally won’t be the first time Snooki and VD have gone together.

Stephen Goodman of SRG Ventures, the company responsible for the licensing, told the New York Post that the kinds of products Snooki lends her name to include “blingy” jewelry and sunglasses,  denim, sportswear, lingerie, handbags, personal care, beauty products, fragrances, swimwear, bedding and home goods. Smell like Snooki! Lie on fitted jersey-cotton sheets like Snooki! Apply under-eye concealer like Snooki! And then, in 2013, try selling it all on eBay in the inevitable “Snooki collectibles” section once everyone realizes what they’ve done.

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