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Snooki’s Body Image Is Just Fine, Thank You


There’s a reason why Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi chooses to spill out of one-piece swimsuits and not bikinis. As you can see from the pic above, our Snookster does it with pizazz, bless her boozy little soul. She rocks that leopard print like no one else can! But why the one-piece?

She explained, ” I would rather wear a sexy one-piece whether I am heavy or down to 90 pounds. I wore one-piece suits when I was really skinny to hide my nakedness in a sexy way. I think they are more provocative because it makes guys want to see more of me.” Truth be told, they saw plenty of sexy Snooki’s bathing suit wear in Miami.

But all that tequila and hangover food (read: grease) has been rough on our heroine, and  Snooki reveals she does want start working on her fitness again. “I do like to feel healthy,” she stated. “”After eating fast food and drinking booze every day in Miami, I know I need to lose weight. I want to feel better. I plan to go back to eating salads and chicken with no drinking.” No drinking? Say it isn’t so!

But seriously… for all we yap about about the Jersey Shore…. HOW did we not know that Snooki was a cheerleader in high school? (Take a moment to visualize.) Pom-poms, poufs, spirit, fist pumps – it’s perfect! Straight from the pony’s mouth, “I was more fit when I was cheerleading in high school.  I will hit the gym and do cheerleading stunts for some good exercise in coming days.” Can we please, please see her doing a herkie on video?

She also went a little PSA about body image (which we like), commenting, “My self image was fine when I came down to Miami in April and it’s fine now. We all have flaws. We work within them to look our best.” Awww. This is Snookie though, remember. There has to be some sort of Jersey Shore addition to the sentiment. Your dose of the day?  “We don’t sit around wondering how hot we look. We want to see how hot the guys are.”

Oh, Snooki, can we hang out with you?

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Snooki Voted For John McCain Because He’s “Really Cute”


After a flurry of twitter-flirting (twirting? flittering?), the internet-fueled romance between The Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and former presidential candidate Senator John McCain took the next step in its natural progression. His daughter Meghan McCain interviewed the Guidette-in-Chief for the blog The Daily Beast. Not surprisingly, things got inappropriate faster than you can say “gym, tan, laundry.”

Meghan: Have you always been a Republican? And are you still interested in politics?

Snooki: To be honest with you, I’m not really a Republican or a Democrat. I actually signed up as an independent, just because I don’t want to pick any side and also I don’t really know a lot about politics. I only know politics about, like, you know, tanning and being a Guidette. So when I saw it was Obama and McCain, to be honest with you, the only reason why I voted for your father was because he was really cute and I liked when he did his speeches.

Meghan: Well, thank you. [Laughing] I appreciate that, though it’s a little weird…

Aside from making her interviewer feel uncomfortable, Snooki – aka McCain’s #1 fan – discussed being relatable to her fans, her admiration for Kendra Wilkinson and Tori Spelling, and the unfortunate lack of Guidos in Miami Beach. It’s too soon to tell if this web-affair between Snooki and McCain will continue—perhaps the cast will cameo on a viral YouTube campaign video or Snooki will Skype in at McCain’s next stump speech. A Shore-Style fist pump is exactly what a congressional race needs to reach out to a new demographic.

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5 Things We Learned From Watching The New Jersey Shore Trailer

We loved the first season of Jersey Shore, but being the fickle a-holes that we are we assumed the second season was going to be a maj let down, a la every season of the Real World after Heather B., Julie and Norm true storied it up. But we plopped down in front of the new trailer today and were pleasantly surprised in that ‘f*ck yes, this rules our life!’ sort of way. While it doesn’t hurt our vagina (apparently only sex with Vinnie or riding on a dog sculpture could do that) we, like Snooki, “like it.”

And now, 5 things we learned from watching the 2 minutes and 13 seconds of heaven, above.

1. We are going to get sick of that ear poisoning “I’m In Miami Bitch” song all over again: LMFAO is LTFAO at us right now.

2. Vinnie’s dick is this season’s duck phone: Everyone is using it and now one can figure out to turn it on – or off.

3. There is a genius on the Jersey Shore production team: We’re looking at you, person who thought of installing a mirror cam in the bathroom so we can watch the cast get spend 4 hours fondling their boobs and ironing their hair before a big night out.

4. Ronnie’s potato head is still growing: Someone put it in the microwave (or in a vat of roids) and it’s been nuked into a misshapen mess even an Italian mother can’t love.

5. Someone’s gonna loss a hair extension or two: Apparently baking in the sun for 50+ years has finally calmed the dudes down, as it’s the ladies of the house are who are trying to knock each others’ hair extensions out. Bring on the silicone claws.

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Drake’s Got The Hots For Snooki, But She Wants A Nice Guido From The Bronx


Drake took time out from whining about Rihanna to pursue none other than everybody’s favorite Jersey Shore superstar Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Apparently he chatted her up backstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto and tried to entice her to his after-party. And, a witness says Drake was holding Snooki‘s hand the whole time.

Unfortunately his master plan failed as Snooki showed up later at his door only to be turned away by security.  “Drake found out about it a lot later and was really mad that Snooki didn’t get in,” said source. You just struck out, Drake.

Because now Snooki is planning to go guido-hunting in the Bronx after the Jersey Shore wraps. “I am still living with my mom at the moment, but I’m traveling so much I basically live in an airport,” she said. But once filming is over, I want to move to The Bronx, because there’s loads of Guidos there, and I might meet a nice one out walking the dog or something.” If guidos were horses… Snooki would ride!

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CMT Awards Bring Dazzle To Nashville


If anything, the CMT Awards proved last night that country music’s profile has grown – to the point where Snooki and The Situation even want to be a part of it.  Carrie Underwood was the biggest winner of the night, taking home the Performance of the Year and Video of the Year awards, but the real story was the fashion, and who was wearing it.

Over the past few years, celebs like Nicole Kidman have started to ingratiate themselves into the country scene (it helps to marry Keith Urban), but last night was a who’s who of Hollywood celebs that felt more like a movie premiere than a night at the Opry. Check out our gallery featuring Kidman, Luke Wilson (perhaps to test his AT&T service in Nashville), Snooki and so many others. Of course our favorite look of the night was Kenan Thompson as Reba McIntyre with Reba McIntyre. He looks good in green, what can we say?

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Kristin Cavallari Gets Hip To The NewNowNext Awards

Kristin Cavallari

Now those are some childbearing hips. Kristin Cavallari got wide berth at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards thanks to her Sir Mix-A-Lot-baiting short skirt. Good thing she wasn’t wearing that outfit when feuding with Allie Lutz on The Hills last night—it would have been too easy. Also attending last night’s event were Paula Abdul, Janice Dickinson, Johnny Weir, Carmen Electra, Kat Von D, RuPaul, Snooki and The Situation. See what everyone wore in the gallery below.

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10 WTF Fashion Moments From The 2010 MTV Movie Awards


The 2010 MTV Movie Awards included some style highlights (Kristen Stewart‘s D&G mini, Sandra Bullock‘s mile-high Louboutins, Whitney Port‘s Yigal Azrouël yellow dress), but for every perfect 10, a belly flop lurked within arm’s reach. What was Katy Perry thinking?! Who let Lindsay Lohan out of the house? And would the real Christina Aguilera please stand up?! Here are our Top 10 WTF fashion moments from the star-filled evening.

10. Katy Perry


Offense #1: Katy Perry’s bright blue wig clashes with her bright yellow nails. Add hundreds of shiny rhinestones to the equation and you get something resembling a human sparkler.

Plus Side: She still looks hot!

9. Snowboarder Shaun White


Offense #1: We know the 60s and 70s are in style, but do we really want to see man nipple on our MTV Movie Awards red carpet? Leave the bare-chested vest to the gang members of 1979’s The Warriors.

Offense #2: We respect that Shaun’s hair has become iconic, but it was iconic for Robert Plant too

Plus Side: We’d like Shaun’s vest if there were a shirt underneath it. 
More fashion f*ck-ups after the jump. Read more…


What A Snook Wants: A Dorky Gorilla That’s Real


Snooki took to her antique web cam yesterday to let America know that’s she single, ready to mingle, and looking for a very specific man only a guidette could love. In the eight-minute personal ad, the Jersey Shore breakout star details her ideal “lover boy,” wakes up her “sleepy-eyeballed” cat and forces him to fist pump, and professes her love for Cake Boss. The SNL writers and Snook-master Bobby Moynihan are surely kicking themselves for taking the summer off. See the rambling masterpiece, complete with sentimental background music, below. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Spot The Diff: Snooki And J-Woww Day Drink

The Weekly Diff is our pop culture spin on the traditional “spot the difference” game. Check back every Wednesday for a new picture.

Play The Daily Diff After A Brief Ad

As the second season of Jersey Shore wrapped filming in Miami Beach, hard-partying guidettes Snooki and J-Woww made sure to pound down a few more drinks on Ocean Drive before heading home. Can you spot 10 differences in this pic of the tanned duo donning Gaga-inspired sunglasses and t-shirt dresses? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Snooki Shows Off Her Swimsuit In Miami


Maybe when we heard the cast of Jersey Shore would only be in Miami for a short time, what they really meant was that the clothes of Jersey Shore would only be in Miami for a short time. For Snooki‘s reign of terror down south continued yesterday, with America’s princess tramping around the surf and sand wearing a jungle print one-piece PETA should protest no matter what it’s made of. At the very least, she’s keeping her puppies in criminally small quarters.  See more photos of the cast making children cry into their sandcastles in the gallery below.

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