Snow White And The Huntsman

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From The Huntsman To Agent J: Who Will Be The Hottest Hero Of This Summer?

Dwayne Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Chris Hemsworth and Will Smith, the heroes of summer

Is it getting a little warm in here? It’s just the first of May, and we’re already fanning ourselves at our desk after putting together our own special Summer Movie Preview. We’ll leave the talk of comic books, green screens, box-office takes and mega-sequel expectations to some other sites, as we instead do what we do best: concentrate on those beautiful men and women on the big screens. And oh, there are a lot of them this summer. First, let’s take a look at the fine male specimens stepping up to save the world — from aliens, vampires, evil queens and other threats that somehow loom the largest between May and August.

There’s the staple comic book heroes, though you know these days they’re far from typical: Christian Bale reprises his controversial vigilante Bruce Wayne for The Dark Knight Rises, this time (we think) getting a hand from legit lawman John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Andrew Garfield will fight crime as well as our cries of “too soon” in The Amazing Spider-Man; Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.. will heed the call of Samuel L. Jackson to join forces in The Avengers.

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Kristen Stewart Is A ’60’s Goddess On The June Elle U.K. Cover, But Do You Prefer Her Old Elle Avatar?

Is Kristen Stewart guest starring on Mad Men? Because her new Elle UK June cover — seen on the left — made us think of a 60’s diva immediately. The shoot went down on March 13 in L.A. and aims to promote her forthcoming film Snow White And The Huntsman. They even documented Kristen’s time at the session sending out messages like, “On outfit 4. It’s still sunny but there’s a chill in the garden, so Kristen’s covering up in a zip-up hoodie between shots.” So we know she tried on multiple ensembles. The one they eventually picked for the cover was this gorgeous, textured Jil Sander dress. Pair that with sexy minimal makeup and retro-chic hair, and we got ourselves a hot cover. We don’t really get the association of this image with what her role in Snow White is about — other than the dress being white, of course — but we’ll take what we can get because she looks beautiful.

This is the second Elle cover for Kristen, FYI, which you can see with the photograph on the right. This was also released in June but back in 2010. That shoot was pretty spectacular too, even though she was still growing out her The Runaways hair. Even though the styling in that photograph is pretty modern, the hair takes us straight back to the ’70’s, thanks to her amazing portrayal of Joan Jett in the movie.

So here we have it. Two covers. Both for June but shot two years apart. One is fabulously retro and the other is the ’70’s-meets-modern. You have to tell us which one you prefer.

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So…What Would A Snow White And The Huntsman Sequel Be About, Exactly?

Despite what the Brothers Grim might have told us, Snow White apparently has a few other options besides just living happily ever after. She can also keep on kicking ass. At least, that’s what our modern-day Snowie will probably end up doing, seeing as how Universal Pictures is already talking about a Snow White and The Huntsman sequel. According to Deadline, screenwriter David Koepp is currently “in discussions” with the studio to write the follow-up to the upcoming film. We’re not ready to move on to a gritty re-envisioning of The Little Mermaid yet? Yeah, you’re right. Save it for 2014!

Seeing as how Universal didn’t balk at releasing Snow White and The Huntsman after rival Snow White film Mirror/Mirror this year, we’re guessing they won’t hesitate that long before deciding to give us even more hardcore fairy tale action. The only question in our minds is: what would the plot of a Snow White and The Huntsman sequel even be? We’d rather be sealed in a glass coffin than see a Snow White II without Charlize Theron‘s evil queen, but having her survive the first film seems a little anticlimactic. And of course Kristen Stewart would be required return as the lead, or else we will eat this poison apple right here, right now. Oh, you think we won’t? Why else would we keep one on our desk, Mr. Koepp? Great, glad we understand each other. Just send us that first draft whenever you get a chance; we are literally dying to read it.

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Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus Are Too Young To Get Married, Chris Hemsworth Says

Miley Cyrus has already struck out at the press for daring to suspect that the ring she wears on her left ring finger is a sign that she and Hunger Games bf Liam Hemsworth are engaged. But the folks at E! were brave enough to slip a question about those two crazy kids into their interview with Chris Hemsworth at the L.A. premiere of The Avengers last night.

“They’re, like, 21 or something,” he said. Um, wait. We know Chris is busy these days, what with reprising his role as Thor and starring in Snow White and the Huntsman and expecting a new baby with wife Elsa Pataky, but does he really not know how old his brother is? For the record, bro, Liam turned 22 in January (you know, at that penis cake party… where Demi Moore was chugging Red Bull in the corner), and Miley is 19. Anyway, their age, whatever it may be, is why he “can’t see that happening.”
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Kristen Stewart Fans Tell Us Why #KStewRules On Her Birthday

Every time we post anything on Kristen Stewart, we are completely blown away by the response from fans. There are few stars out there who elicit so much unconditional love. So, on her 22nd birthday, we decided that a simple photo gallery wasn’t enough to celebrate our Bella/Joan/Snow. We asked you to tell us on Twitter why #KStewRules. And the answers made us really, really hope this list makes it to Kristen somehow, and really, really wish there’d be a camera handy at the time. Because she is pretty fun to watch when she’s showered with compliments.

Many of you shared similar thoughts about her independent streak: “#Kstewrules bc love or hate her, she is an original who dares to be herself in a world of manufactured celebs in artificial,” @ALotMoreofMagic said. And @JessieDior wrote, “#kstewrules because she’s independent, knows what she wants, doesn’t pretend to be anything else and is so genuine! We love her.”

A lot of you were most proud of the example she sets. “#KStewRules because she taught me that It’s okay not to be okay,” read one of 11 tweets from @thisbigreeneyes. @pikixina called her “Gaga for Twilight’s fans, she motivates you to be yourself no matter what the people will say.”

Of course, her badassery earned comments like, “#KStewRules because she wants to play the superhero, not the superhero’s girlfriend. AND SHE IS. #SWATH,” from @MyCleverAlias. And her unique fashion sense was another fave: “#KStewRules because she kicks off her high heels on the RC and puts on converse <3,” wrote @steje92.

Because we know Kristen wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, we’re going to share all of the tweets we got with the hashtag since Friday (in reverse chronological order): Read more…

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Kristen Stewart Strikes Back In New Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer

Even Twilight fans have to admit that until the second half of Breaking Dawn, Bella’s heroism is mostly about self-sacrifice and getting the vampires and werewolves to fight for her. That’s kind of the fate of the typical fairy-tale princess, too. They’re selfless and determined, sure, but it’s the prince who always whips out his sword (sorry) and saves the day. That’s why we’re thrilled to see the opposite is true of Kristen Stewart’s princess in Snow White and the Huntsman, as far as we can tell from the brand-new trailer that premiered online this morning. Previous trailers showcased Charlize Theron’s pure evil and Chris Hemsworth’s conflicting motives (kill Snow White or stand by her side?), while KStew was a silent figure in the distance. Now, we get up close to the exiled princess, and finally hear her talk. And this looks like one fairy tale where it’s up to the girl to save the day.

“What does she want from me?” Snow White asks an unseen person. Here’s our first sample of Kristen’s English accent, which is neutral enough to fit our standard vision of what fairy-tale characters sound like without being distracting. We hate to see our heroine on her back, but her fierce expression suggests she won’t be prone for long.
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5 Things We Want More Of In The New Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer

Kristen Stewart devotees and the rest of us who’ve been drawn in by what little we’ve seen of Snow White and the Huntsman are counting down the days until the next trailer airs during Monday’s installment of The Voice. But Universal was kind enough to tease it with a sneak peek of the sneak peek, released on YouTube yesterday, along with three behind-the-scenes videos of the flick, which also stars Charlize Theron as evil Queen Ravenna and Chris Hemsworth as the titular Huntsman. And it just made us want more. We narrowed our wishes down to five:

1. KStew’s English accent! We all know she got Robert Pattinson’s seal of approval, but we want to hear it for ourselves.

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Are We Crazy, Or Is This New Snow White Still Kind Of Romantic?

We know it’s Valentine’s Day and our skulls are currently filled with candy hearts and glitter paint, but doesn’t this new Snow White and The Huntsman still strike you as kind of romantical? We get to see Chris Hemsworth‘s protective side…while he’s wielding an ax. And seeing as how the movie stars Kristen Stewart, we can’t help but hope for a little unspoken sexual tension a-simmering between the main characters. Also, did we mention that ax?

“Chris is an amazing, nice guy and also [has] great instincts and he can roll with everything on set,” Kristen said of her costar in an interview with PopSugar this week. “He’s really relaxed, whereas I’m always like, ‘oh my god!’ I use my anxiety to do this and he’s always sort of like — he’s a good energy for me. I really like working with him.” On the other hand, is anything more romantic than rescuing yourself from an evil hot queen who looks like Charlize Theron while wearing chain mail? That’s like a Valentine you give yourself!

[Photo: Universal Pictures]

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Saoirse Ronan Is Your Third Snow White In Disney’s The Order Of The Seven

Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins, looks like you’re going to have to share that apple once again, because you’ve got company. Oh wait…no, don’t eat any of it! It’s poison! According to TotalFilm, Saoirse Ronan is currently in negotiations to star in The Order Of The Seven, Disney’s long-awaited Snow White remake; the film joins Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror for a grand total of three adaptations of the classic fairytale. The Host actress will reportedly star in the action flick as Brit Olivia Sinclair; according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is set in Hong Kong and follows a “a 19th century-set disparate band of international warriors belonging to a centuries-old order who have lost their way. Their meeting with an Englishwoman being chased by an ancient evil is the catalyst for their redemption.” Here’s hoping the birds still help Snow White get dressed in the morning. Dressed to kill…evil entities!

Now, we know Saoirse can deliver on the action; she stalked and sniped with the best of them as a teenage assassin in last year’s Hanna. But will we still want a bad-ass Snow White after we’ve seen an armor-clad Kristen ride that horse in slow motion down a beach this June? Or will Stewart’s warrior princess only fuel our desire for edgy fairytale adaptations? On a related note, is it too late to add Ariel to the Battleship movie? Maybe the sequel?

[Photo: Relativity Media/ Getty Images/ Universal Pictures]

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Kristen Stewart Gets All Done Up For Vanity Fair Shoot

Kristen Stewart’s got a big year of publicity ahead for her, what with Snow White and the Huntsman out in June, Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November and On the Road set for sometime in 2012. So we imagine the big photo shoot she did with Mario Testino and Karl Lagerfeld in Paris for Vanity Fair is just the beginning of her many amazing shoots in the coming months. E! has the pics of her all dolled up and 19th-centuryish in a huge Christian Dior couture gown with a huge fascinator as she posed with horses in the park. After the jump, we present you with a closeup of her makeup for the shoot, and a shot of her in another outfit as she chats with Lagerfeld in a cafe (can you get any more Parisian than that?).
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