Snow White And The Huntsman

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Jackman Asked To Strap On A Cross-Bow For Snow White And The Huntsman

Leather pants, weaponry, an inevitable shirtless scene: Hugh Jackman’s Huntsman in the upcoming Snow White movie seems like the role he’s been practicing for his entire life. Deadline reports that Universal has offered Hugh the role in Snow White And The Huntsman alongside Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and Charlie Theron‘s wicked witch. In fact, it was only director Darren Aronofsky’s decision to leave Jackman’s The Wolverine that freed up Hugh’s schedule enough to even consider filming the fairy tale flick. What we’re trying to say is, Hugh’s already jacked and prepared to sprint through a forest topless; let’s just slap a little Robin Hood hat on his head and put him in front of a camera.

Viggo Mortensen left Snow White and the role of the Hunstman last month due to either money issues, script reviews or to be in the new Superman: Man Of Steel, depending on who you ask. As ruggedly perfect as Viggo would have been, we hope Jackman accepts the role. He can even keep the adamantium claws on, as long as he doesn’t accidentally snag them on any dwarfs.

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Saoirse Ronan Close To Landing That Other Snow White Gig

Saoirse Ronan is apparently thisclose to landing the role of Snow White in the film The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. Armie Hammer (love him) and Julia Roberts are set to co-star as the Prince and Evil Queen, respectively. The Oscar-nominated Saoirse is one of the biggest of the big right now – she was considered for The Hunger Games and is also in talks to star in The Hobbit. Did we mention her new movie Hanna opens next month? Fire, she is on you.

This puts Ronan in direct competition with another in-demand young actress, Kristen Stewart, who is starring as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize Theron is attached to play the Evil Queen, while the search continues for the Huntsman after Viggo Mortensen left the project this week. As if that wasn’t enough Snow White movies, there’s a third in the works – Snow and the Seven.

We’re fans of both Saoirse and Kristen – they’re uber-talented, humble, articulate and dedicated to their craft. In fact, we think BOTH of them will not just pull off the role of Snow White, but completely nail it. Do you have a favorite? Vote in our poll below.

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Kristen Stewart In Final Talks To Play Snow White

Two months ago, we had reported that Kristen Stewart was up for the lead role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Nothing was certain then, and a month prior to that, she was said to be out of the running for the role, but was roped back into consideration. After all the what-if, it seems that Kristen is now this close to bagging the part of Snow White. GossipCop reports that a deal is imminent and final negotiations are taking place.

The rest of the cast is pretty hardcore. Charlize Theron has signed on to play the Evil Queen—we have a feeling she’s going to kill it in that role. Viggo Mortensen is reportedly the male lead, playing the huntsman that Snow White eventually teams up with. The films producer, Palak Patel had tweeted a whole series of confirmations about KStew bagging the role, but he has since deleted those tweets, though screengrabs of his quotes are still circulating. Considering this is going to be a dark, gritty take on the fairy tale, do you think Kristen’s the right choice for the part?

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