So You Think You Can Dance

by (@shalapitcher)

Step Up Revolution‘s So You Think You Can Dance Alums Kathryn And Twitch Still “Pay Their Dues”

Reality-show contestants come a dime a dozen, and once their shows are off the air, we’re so busy watching the next competition, we often forget to see whether the winners go on to make it in their chosen profession. For every Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks, there are dozens of Taylor Hicks and Nikki McKibbins. But one show seems to be the exception to the rule: The alumni (not just winners) of So You Think You Can Dance show up everywhere: In music videos, on Broadway, on tour with pop stars, on Glee and, this weekend, in Step Up Revolution. When VH1 caught up with the movie’s star, Kathryn McCormick (third place in season 6) and co-star Stephen “Twitch” Boss (season 4’s second-place dancer), we asked how the show contributed to their success.

“[SYTYCD alums] have the mindset that just because they’ve been on the show, nothing is going to be handed to them,” explained freestyle dancer Twitch, who also appeared in Step Up 3D. “They still have to create their opportunities. And for the things that are presented to them, you still have to deliver. So no matter what, even with your exposure on the show, you still have to put your work in it. You still have to continue to pay your dues. The show gives you a rep, yes, it does. And it gives you that exposure, yes, but you still have to deliver on your end of the deal.”

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