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Demi Lovato Leaves Sonny With A Chance, Discusses Cutting On 20/20

Demi Lovato has confirmed that suspicions that she’s leaving her Disney show Sonny With A Chance, telling People, “I don’t think going back to Sonny would be healthy for my recovery…Being in front of a camera would make me nervous.” Her exit was rumored after the show’s changed its name to So Random last month, removing Demi’s titular character Sonny from the title. Lovato says she plans to focus on her music, but is “really excited to see where everything goes,” with the network voicing their support of her decision.

While Lovato doesn’t want to return to acting yet, she faced the cameras this week to record an interview with 20/20 about her rehab stay and the emotional problems that led to her dramatic meltdown. The 18-year-old star told Robin Roberts that she was “compulsively overeating” at 8 and cutting herself by 11 (“I was matching the inside to the outside. And there were some times where my emotions were just so built up, I didn’t know what to do. The only way that I could get instant gratification was through an immediate release on myself”). Admitting to punching dancer Alex Welch (“I feel horrible, [she] was my friend”), Lovato said “The real reason why I’m sitting down with you is to open up the eyes of so many young girls, that it doesn’t have to be this way.” The interview is set to air on GMA and 20/20 Friday.

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Demi Lovato Talks About Her Struggle, Doesn’t Really Explain What It Is

For a public statement about the deepest, darkest fight of her life, Demi Lovato’s thank you video is remarkably vague about what that struggle even was. “The journey I have been on has been very very difficult,” Lovato acknowledges in the video released today. “I was dealing with issues that I know not only girls just my age but of all ages are dealing with…I hope to one day raise awareness of everything so that I can help people too, like you guys helped me through this rough time.” The actress seemingly refers to rumors that Lovato’s alleged eating disorder and self-harming influenced her decision to go into rehab. Even so, maybe we can narrow it down a little bit? From teething to the birth of our grandchildren, there are a lot of issues that “girls of all ages” might be dealing with.

The other more obvious reason for Lovato’s time in treatment, Demi’s brawl with back-up dancer Alex Welch never gets addressed in the video. Demi also doesn’t clear up any rumors about whether she’ll be returning to Sonny With A Chance or not, despite being the main character. “I’m excited to get back to work. I can’t wait to tell you guys what the future holds,” Lovato says, though the recent change of her show’s name to So Random makes us wonder what job Demi expects to go back to. Don’t get us wrong; we’re glad the girl is doing better. If we were her though, the next step on our recovery checklist would be to hire a new, way more specific speech writer.


Is Demi Lovato Getting Booted Off Sonny With A Chance?

The Disney Channel has announced that it is renaming the series Sonny With A Chance. The show’s new name will now be So Random, prompting rumors that the series’ star, Demi Lovato, who went to rehab last year, will not return to the show since she is the titular “Sonny.”

In what is perhaps the greatest hyperbolic comparison in pop culture history, co-star Brandon Mychal Smith explains that it’s the show’s evolution and not Lovato’s personal problems that prompted the change. “With a show like ours, and any great show that I’ve seen in the past, like The Wire or Seinfeld, each season you focus on a different concept, a different theory, or maybe a different character’s background…now this season you’ll be able to see So Random, see why we are where we are today in regards to being the teen idols that we are,” Smith said. Okay, he has a point (we guess?) about how these shows evolved each season but… nope, we still can’t get on board with this comparison. We’d say this is more like when our old favorite Valerie’s Family became The Hogan Family when Valerie Harper left the show. Sorry to take you down a peg, Brandon, but yeah, you guys are The Hogan Family, not The Wire.

Lovato has planned to release a special video message to her fans on Monday, so it’s possible she’ll reveal her fate and the fate of the show then.

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