Sophia Hyat


Pop Culture IQ Test: Which Celeb Does Not Belong?


The actors and royalty who mixed yesterday at the world premiere of Peter Jackson‘s The Lovely Bones wore sophisticated, glamorous outfits that fit the somber nature of the movie. But not Sophia Hyat. Apparently, Sophia’s the Phoebe Price of England. A semi-celebrity who has a penchant for wearing outlandish outfits to wherever there might be a paparazzo, Sophia graced the carpet in a hot white dress with the words “Honour Killings” scratched across her chest in blood red lipstick. We understand that honor killings are very real and very heinous. But is this about drawing attention to the cause? Or to her bosom? Or maybe a bit of both?

As for bigger celebrities in attendance, Susan Sarandon and Saoirse Ronan rubbed elbows with Prince Charles and Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall. Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and  Stanley Tucci, whom all have big roles in the tearjerker, were absent. The Lovely Bones premieres in the U.S. on Jan. 15. [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]

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