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Alexa Vega Went From Spy Kid To Sexpot And We Just Now Noticed (Thanks, Instagram!)

Alexa Vega in 2001 and 2012

For our own mental health here at VH1 Celebrity, for every Macaulay Culkin and Lindsay Lohan, we like to celebrate an Anna Chlumsky and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So when the Internet started freaking out this week over Alexa Vega’s super hot Instagram pics, it was just what the therapist ordered. The cutie from Spy Kids is all grown up, gorgeous and still has a career that’s going strong!

The fervor started over a photo she shared back in June, showing a sneak peek of her in character as Killjoy for Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Machete Kills (which stars fellow sexpots Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez and Vanessa Hudgens). Is it a little creepy that the same guy who directed Alexa as a little girl in the Spy Kids flicks is now putting her in bejeweled bra tops? Hmmm, jury’s still out. Anyway, the 23-year-old actress’ Twitter and Instagram reveals just how much fun she’s been having since divorcing Sean Covel, her husband of two years, last month. She’s been traveling the country, shooting a video for Aerosmith’s “Legendary Child,” guest-starring in Royal Pains and, naturally, reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Oooh, should the natural brunette be another choice for Ana Steele? Flip through these pics of her as an adorable child star, and a curvy lady, and tell us what you think!

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