Stacy Kiebler

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Rugrats Star Warns Stacey Kiebler About Romance With George Clooney

Despite his heartbreaker reputation, getting romantically involved with George Clooney is a risk most women would be more than willing to take. But Georges’s ex Elizabeth Daily is warning his new belle Stacy Kiebler against wanting anything longterm. “I wouldn’t have any expectation of anything serious,” she told Star Magazine. “Girls think they can tame him, but it will never happen. They’re wasting their time.” Case in point, Elisabetta Canalis, who he dumped in June allegedly when she wouldn’t drop the marriage topic. Daily dated Clooney back in 1993, after his divorce with first (and only) wife Talia Balsam. At the time Daily was just beginning her work as the voice of Tommy Pickles on the Nickelodeon classic, Rugrats.

But sadly the love between man and cartoon was not to be. “Even then he was adamant that he wouldn’t get married again,” she admits. So let us get this straight: George Clooney broke Tommy Pickles’ heart!? This definitely puts him at the top of our VH1 Top 40 S–t List. Don’t feel too bad for old Liz, though. She currently has two daughters with Rick Salomon of Paris Hilton sex-tape fame. Tommy Pickles and…Rick Salomon? Excuse us while our mind explodes into an old-school Nickelodeon logo splat.

[Photo: Getty Images/Nickelodeon]