Stephanie Leigh Schlund

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Stephanie Leigh Schlund Cast As Cashmere, The Regina George Of Catching Fire

Stephanie Leigh Schlund Cast In Catching Fire

With a name like Cashmere, she has to be hot. Or a stripper. Or a denizen of a futuristic dytopia trained since birth in the finer points of mortal combat. Either way, Lionsgate announced today that Drop Dead Diva actress Stephanie Leigh Schlund will be portraying the extremely attractive District 1 career tribute in Catching Fire. For those of you still unfamiliar with the book (It’s called a library, people! Go get a card!), Cashmere is sister to Alan Ritchson‘s equally gorgeous Gloss and the only one willing to inform Katniss that her wedding dress is significantly less than fetch. Honestly, we’re pretty psyched to see Schlund bring a dose of Mean Girls steez to the Hunger Games series. It’ll be like if Regina George stepped in front of an axe hurled by Johanna Mason, instead of just a school bus!

In addition to Diva, Schlund has also appeared in We Are Marshall, Bad Land, and alongside Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. Hmmm, so did Stephanie’s Song costar Liam Hemsworth hook her up with an audition for Catching Fire? We’re going to assume he did. Mainly because we want Liam to be as amazing in real life as Gale is in the Hunger Games. The idea pleases us.

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