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Whither The Lobster Hat? Lady Gaga’s Fashion Choices Go Normal

Lady Gaga…is that you? Perfectly coiffed hair, appropriately-sized clothing free, heels that aren’t shaped like demon claws or missing a heel, no uncooked slabs of beef tied together to make a dress. We feel like we’re taking crazy pills here! Recent photos from Gaga’s trip to London has us wondering if the singer is taking a sartorial turn for average, and we are not happy about it. Don’t get us wrong; Gaga looks amazing. Unfortunately, she also looks like a million other lovely ladies. We’re sure Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfits aren’t going anywhere, but it does make us look back on the most bizarrely not-bizarre fashion choices she’s made in the past couple years. That’s right, behold Lady Gaga’s most normal looks.

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Rihanna, Ke$ha Rock That Cave Lady Fashion

Between Rihanna slipping into a pelt while leaving Nozomi in London, Ke$ha sporting a white fur to attend Terry Richardson‘s gallery opening in New York and Kelly Rowland wearing all those…creatures while visiting The X-Factor studios, we’d say it’s official: gigantic fur vests mean cave lady fashion is in for Fall/Winter 2011 in a mammoth way. Speaking of mammoths, these lovely ladies and their extremely warm torsos aren’t the only celebs who look like they should be accessorizing with a a club, Fred Flintstone-style. Check out a few furry fashions that are currently making these ladies’ Bedrock:

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Jay-Z To Sell Occupy Wall Street-Inspired Shirts, Keep The Wealth

Jay-Z isn’t the first rapper to make a connection with the Occupy Wall Street movement; Kanye has stopped by the New York City protest, and Russell Simmons has done everything but set up a cot and unroll his sleeping bag in Zuccotti Park. When it comes to protest fashion, however, Hov got the jump on the rest; as of today his Rocawear line will be featuring a line of shirts sporting the slogan “Occupy All Streets.” Objectively, that seems like a pretty great addition to any wardrobe; if only some of the proceeds were actually going to the movement that makes that phrase something the kids would want to buy.

According to Rocawear’s spokesperson, Jay-Z‘s brand has not “made an official commitment” to supporting the movement with the shirts. Now, of course Hov has the right to do whatever he wants with his gear within reason. That being said, Hov has already made it in the 1%. Maybe it’s time to spread some love to the other 99? Think of how good all those drum circles would sound with some new skins! Well…or at least better.

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Ashley Greene On Style And Personal Evolution: “I’m Figuring All That Out”

Ashley Greene was my last interview of the day during the Breaking Dawn press junket, and I entered her hotel suite at the Four Seasons at 5 p.m. expecting to find her as tired as I was — if not more. She had just come off the European press tour for the film and was now knee-deep in promotion stateside, a whirlwind of interviews and appearances. But the actress, who was recently named the new face of DKNY, was chipper and chatty, dressed in a silky red tank, jeans and sky-high patent-leather beige heels. When I told her I wanted to geek out about fashion with her for the entire interview but was gonna try not to, she joked, “But for a portion, at least!” Sounded good to me!

TheFABlife: What’s helped you grow your style and fashion sense over the years?
Ashley Greene: I think it’s a lot of experiences. With Twilight, there’s been a lot of red carpets, fan events, press and talk shows. I work with a stylist named Christina Ehrlich and she’s been so incredible. She’s very collaborative and never tries to force anything on me.

TFL: Have you learned from past fashion missteps?
AG: I think one of the first mistakes you can make is wearing something because someone told you to wear it. And I’ve done it! We’ve all done it. [Ed. note: Yep, we have!]

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Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Spot Joins The Long History Of Controversial Ads

Dakota Fanning’s banned Marc Jacobs ad was deemed too saucy for the good people of Britain early today, though so far the spot is considered safe for American eyes. Despite what you might think about the advert itself, Dakota (and Jacobs) certainly aren’t the first people to come up with a controversial campaign that had people gasping…or cringing…or just rolling their eyes. From the extremely sexual to the merely gross to the extremely sexual and gross, and starring celebs like Pamela Anderson, Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba, controversial ads are as common as, well, controversial ads getting banned. Check out some of the most memorable controversial advertising below!

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Top 5 Photos Of Rihanna Wearing Actual Clothes

Rihanna is known to suffer from a severe pants allergy (affecting one out of every one pop stars around the world), and while her new vacation pics don’t feature any trousers, Riri is shown to be rocking shorts, long-sleeved shirts and, we can’t believe we’re typing this, multiple floor-length dresses. We know; we didn’t believe it either. Posted on Facebook in the appropriately-titled “Ball So Hard VACA” album, it looks like Rihanna is taking a much-needed break from her wedgie-inducing concert outfits for a few days of…normal human clothing!

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Lady Gaga Arrives In India, Rainbow Beehive In Tow

If we told you Lady Gaga visited New Dehli, India sporting a multi-colored beehive, would you be disappointed to find out she wasn’t wearing an actual beehive with real bees swarming out of it? She probably just couldn’t bring it through customs, that’s all. Luckily for us, Gaga’s fabulous candy-colored bouffant, which she wore to promote her concert following India’s Formula 1 racing debut, is almost as good as if she had filled a $400,000 hand-made crystal hive with the finest organic honey and strapped it to directly to her scalp. Better even, since this way she would be covered in dozens of painful bee stings!

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Kelly Osbourne Rips On “Fat” Christina Aguilera

We can’t say we didn’t see this Kelly Osbourne Christina Aguilera feud coming a mile away, but we had no idea how nasty it was going to get. The gloves are off and the fat jokes are flying! “She called me fat for years,” Osbourne snarked on E!’s Fashion Police, referring to recent Christina Aguilera photos from the Michael Jackson tribute concert earlier this month. ” I was never that fat.” Hoo boy! Kelly is very lucking she’s not dealing with “Dirrty”-era Xtina. Otherwise Aguilera would have already come at her like Mike Tyson in a pair of assess chaps.

Osbourne had previously ragged on Christina Aguilera’s weight gain back in August, explaining, “Maybe she is just becoming the fat b—ch she was born to be.” Clearly we’re all entering the conversation mid-beef, because as Kelly tweeted at an indignant Xtina fan yesterday, “or maybe its because she bullied me for 10 years and now pay back is a bitch?” So what do you think? Are these comments way, way over-the-line, or are we just witnessing one half of your standard celebrity beef?

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Breaking: Lady Gaga Has Run Out Of Crazy Style Ideas

OK, we know what you’re thinking: “Oh great, here’s another one of those Lady Gaga Crazy Outfit Posts. We get it, she wears weird stuff. Isn’t there any real news to write about today?” But you see, that’s where you’re very wrong. This is news. Big news. It appears that after her tyrannical two-and-a-half-year reign over insane fashion, Lady Gaga has finally run out of ideas.

Sure, when we saw these pix of Momma Monster stepping out in London last night, we were certain our minds would be flung to the furthest reaches of fashion. But something about it seemed familiar. We’ve seen this before! Then we remembered: she wore almost the same thing when she made her surprise appearance at the Oak Room last year! It looks like she dyed it black, did the same with her hair hat from last summer’s Monster Ball, and hit the streets. And we’re kinda stunned. Maybe that’s her whole game … she hasn’t done “familiarity” yet. Well played, Gaga, but we’re on to you! Check out more in the gallery below and see what we mean.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Beyonce Is A Hot Mama In White Feathers At Her NYC Perfume Launch

Is it us, or do recent Beyonce photos suggest Queen Bey is taking even more fashion risks now that she as a baby on board? Between New York Fashion Week and her perfume launch this week Bey is still bringing it, sartorially-speaking.We know we personally would not be wearing a strapless bra after our first trimester, no matter how fabulous we looked. In fact, you practically have to give us an epidural to get us into one now.

Luckily Beyonce doesn’t concern herself with earthly matters like sufficient underwire support, choosing instead to float through the launch of her perfume Pulse at the New York City Harold Square Macy’s in white ostrich feathers. Maybe Bey’s just trying to get in as many statement outfits as she can before she has to switch to sweatpants 24/7. Which is incidentally what we’re wearing already.