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The Evolution Of Jessica Alba

It’s hard to imagine Hollywood without the uber hot Jessica Alba. Just try it. It would be a much less sexy place, we’ll tell you that much. She’s topped more Hot Lists than we haven’t. Getting her start as a child actress (guest spot in The Secret World of Alex Mac, anyone?), the alluring Alba first exploded onto the scene in the Dark Angel TVseries before going on to take over big screens and magazines across the country. And most amazing of all, today the lovely leading lady turns the tender age of thirty. Thirty? She did that all before thirty!?

In honor of her big day, let’s take a look back at some of her hottest styles. We think you’ll agree that she earned her Sexiest Woman In The World title!

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Elle MacPherson Is ’70s Sexy In Flares And Stiletto Heels

These photos of Elle MacPherson defy logic on so many levels. A London-based mom is rocking tight flares, wild curls, stiletto heels and a bra-flashing, open-collared shirt as she drops off her young son at school in his little uniform—in 2011. The Charlie’s Angels-channeling woman is 48 years old. The son’s name is Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson. Sure, knowing the mom in question is nicknamed “The Body” and hosts Britain’s Next Top Model helps a little, but the above info still makes our heads hurt. Aurelius’ mom has got it going on.

See more photos of Elle in the gallery below.

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Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her Curves In The UK

Though Jennifer Hudson showed up at ITV Studios in London wearing khaki shorts and a loose blouse, she looked infinitely more glam after finishing a taping of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. The “Spotlight” singer showed off her curves to the paparazzi outside, posing in a tight green dress and dramatic silver heels. Hard to believe this is the same person who strutted without through LA without make-up last week. See more photos of J. Hud in the gallery below.

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Ashlee Simpson Is Turning Into Model Agyness Deyn

We’ve noticed that Ashlee Simpson‘s recent style choices are nearly identical to the style of model Agyness Deyn. Yes, both of them are hipsters who like hats, musicians, and vintage band t-shirts and that’s not all that uncommon. But after comparing and contrasting the two, it actually seems like they routinely follow in each others style footsteps. Ashlee dyes her hair black, Agyness dyes her hair black. Agyness throws a fedora on, Ashlee throws a fedora on. Great minds thinking alike, or two fashionable starlets copying each other’s looks? Check out a few more uncanny side-by-side photos and decide for yourself.

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Add Saoirse Ronan To The List Of Stylish Teens We Love

It seems like we just might have an unhealthy obsession with some of Hollywood’s teenage actresses. Not in a creepy way, more like “How did these girls avoid an awkward phase and end up so cool?”

We love Chloe Moretz‘ fashion sense, and we think Rango star Abigail Breslin has come into her own, but now they have a fierce fashion competitor in Saoirse Ronan. Ronan has seen quite a few red carpets in her sixteen years and her style has matured well beyond her age. She consistently chooses age-appropriate, but still killer outfits that we covet. Check out some of our faves, including her look at last night’s premiere of Hanna, which opens tomorrow.

10. The Goddess

9. Committed to Sparkle (Motion)

8. Wonder Woman

7. Morticia Addams

6. Leggy and Lacy

5. Headband Over Heels

4. Master of the Mini

3. Susan and Saoirse

2. Barefoot and Purple

1. Her Skin Is Black Metallic

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Stars Style Up For Metropolitan Opera Premiere

Who knew there were so many gorgeous Rossini fans out there? The Metropolitan Opera’s premiere of the composer’s Le Comte Ory paid host to lots of lovely ladies last night, including Olivia Munn, Claire Danes, Emmy Rossum and Claudia Schiffer, as well as haggard hipster icons Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, who may want to reconsider the “matching circular sunglasses” look, among other things. Are all these people big opera fans or do they just like to show off their style at classy soirees? Either way, we’re not complaining.

See what everyone wore to the Met in the gallery below.

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Nicole Richie Lays On The Leather At Paris Fashion Week

Though Nicole Richie displayed her “flower girl” aesthetic at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show the day before, she certainly didn’t look like any kind of hippie at Givenchy’s show at Paris Fashion Week earlier today. The socialite sat by the runway with Florence Welch in a tight, sleeveless leather dress that seemed to leave her a little chilly in the chestular region. Dig those snakeskin shoes! Fake or no, we’re pretty sure PETA would prefer she just wore a shirt with a painting of a dog on it like Liv Tyler did.

Get a good look at both Nicole and Liv’s looks in the gallery below.

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Michelle Williams’ Top 25 Hottest Looks

Michelle Williams always looked like she wanted to be somewhere else on Dawson’s Creek, but who knew it was a podium? The actress has successfully morphed into an awards season perennial, earning her fourth Independent Spirit nomination—and second Oscar nom—for her performance as Ryan Gosling‘s frustrated wife in Blue Valentine. She’s also become a style icon, which may even be more impressive after Dawson’s Creek than her film career (the late ’90s were not pretty). Check out 25 of Michelle’s best looks in the gallery below.

25. American Apparel

24. Teen Star

23. Suited Up

22. Collage Couture

21. Pink Lady

20. Chain Mail Chic

19. Stunning In Silk

18. Ruby Robe

17. Sexy Sheer

16. Patterned Perfection

15. Mod Maven

14. Ravishing Ruffle

13. Mini Mich

12. Striped Star

11. Covered Couple

10. Cover Girl

9. Bow Beauty

8. Noir Done Nice

7. Winter Glamour

6. Party Dress

5. Lovely In Lace

4. Perfect In Purple

3. Sequined Star

2. Regal Rouge

1. Saffron Stunner

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Gwen Stefani Brings Kingston On Stage At NYC Fashion Week

Some day, this could all be yours, Kingston! Gwen Stefani brought her son out on stage at last night’s LAMB show, celebrating her NYC Fashion Week success with the four-year-old. Could she be grooming her boy for a career in fashion design? Kingston certainly has Gwen’s instinct for style. Dude gets tired, though—paps caught Kingston all tuckered out on a nanny’s arm after a show this week. See the shot in the gallery below.

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January Jones Makes With The McQueen At Unknown Premiere

Mad Men‘s January Jones hasn’t crossed over into movie stardom yet, but judging from her edgy red carpet look at the Unknown premiere in LA, she’s ready to put in the work. The actress sported a dramatic Alexander McQueen concoction, with an equally dramatic haircut completing a look more couture than you’d expect from someone promoting a Liam Neeson thriller. Also exceptionally stylish was co-star Diane Kruger in a short, white number from D&G. Way to make Liam look underdressed, guys!

Get a closer look—and see the big white coat Kim Kardashian wore—in the gallery below.

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