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Seth Rogen Cleans Up Nice


A few weeks ago we mentioned that we thought Seth Rogen might want to work on his posing, because his goofy faces weren’t working for us.  Rogen has been making the rounds to promote The Green Hornet and it seems like he took our advice to heart, because he went all GQ on us on this photocall in New York City yesterday. The actor looks decidedly un-schlubby, which is his usual m.o., and we think he’s actually pretty good-lookin’ this time around. Check out more shots of Rogen in our gallery as he rocks the triumvirate of cool accessories  (peacoat, nerd glasses, scarf) in the city last night.

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TheFABLife’s 50 Hottest Fashion Moments Of 2010

Is it just us, or do there seem to be more and more televised award shows each year? That means one thing (and it has nothing to do with awards)—there’s more red carpet fashion than ever. When we compiled our list of favorite fashion moments from 2010, we had quite a crop to choose from. Gone are the days where the only shows worth mentioning were the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. This year’s style compilation comes to you courtesy of the Creative Arts Emmys, the SAG Awards, and even the ESPYs. Oh, and a couple dozen film premieres, too. Check out who made our cut for best dressed celebs of 2010 in the gallery below—including just about everyone from Mad Men, a very GOOP-y celeb we love to hate, and the most famous half-vampire couple ever.

50. You Can Ring My Bell

49. Hop In My Mini Cooper

48. Glambert

47. Be-Jewel-ed

46. A Toast To This Douchebag

45. Carey On

44. Kim’s Kar-Dazzling

43. Yes, We Cannes

42. Zoe’s Glowy

41. Katie Shows Her Stripes

40. Taylor Lautner: GQ Werewolf

39. She Whips Her Hair

38. The Hills Are Alive

37. Sexy Sookie

36. My So-Called Sparkles

35. Hot Mama

34. Lookin’ Liveley

33. The Last Action Heroes

32. With Honors

31. Black And White And Greene All Over

30. Emma Roberts, Goth n’ Glam

29. The Unborn Identity

28. Glee-n With Envy

27. Berry Sparkly

26. Christina’s World

25. Ready, Set, Chloe

24. Kelly, Re-Born

23. Pretty Peggy

22. Gwyneth’s White-Out

21. Pretty On Pink

20. Mila Dollar Baby

19. Red Hot Rihanna

18. Venus On The Court

17. Morning Glorious

16. She’s Got A Hatha-Way About Her

15. Katie Got Back

14. Leighton Up

13. Nevermind The Bullocks

12. Bewitching Emma

11. Dashing Don

10. Swift N’ Sparkly

9. The Black Swan Herself

8. Ryan And Child

7. A Rose By Any Other Name

6. Mr. And Mrs. Brand

5. Keri Is So Very

4. Angelina: Eyes On The Thighs

3. Stone-Cold Style

2. Selita’s Fashion Is A Runaway Hit

1. Robsten Eclipses All Others

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Hollywood Style Awards: The Glee And The Garish

There were two types of people at this weekend’s Hollywood Style Awards: Glee cast-members who looked great and non-Glee folk who didn’t. What is it about these kinds of ceremonies that makes everyone go crazy? Selena Gomez looked aquamoronic, Kate Bosworth wore genie casual and Emily Blunt was a rook worth sacrificing. Disagree? Check out the gallery below and let us know. Sidebar: Selena Gomez isn’t dating Justin Bieber, but she sure looked comfortable cuddling with pal Cory Monteith at the event. Sure, they’re bowling partners of Taylor Swift, but is there something more? Sure, he’s ten years older than her—seriously, dude’s 28!—but eight years isn’t keeping Taylor away from Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Fantasia’s Night Of A Thousand Wardrobe Changes

We’re psyched  to see that Fantasia Barrino is back in action and has taken her “Back To Me” tour on the road after struggling with a whole mess of personal issues earlier this year. The tour kicked off on November 4th and, judging from some of the shots taken over the weekend at a show in Miami, Fantasia is on a mission to entertain her fans in every way possible. The bounty of outfits on display was worth the price of admission. (And boy, these American Idol winners sure know how to work a wardrobe change, don’t they?)

Check out all of Fantasia’s looks in our gallery and decide for yourself which one is the best – we think the one above is our favorite.

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Chloe Moretz: Thirteen-Year-Old Style Icon

At thirteen, we were still rocking huge glasses, tapered pants and Adidas Sambas worn with everything. Thirteen-year-old actress Chloe Moretz on the other hand, is entering her teens gracefully and she’s wearing outfits we’d kill to own now. The young star of Kick-Ass and Let Me In has seen her fair share of red carpets over the past five years and she has never once strayed from her signature look: adorably cutting edge. Seriously, is there a beret, headband or hairstyle she doesn’t look amazing in? Is it crazy that we’re jealous of someone born while we were in college?

Check out the evolution of Chloe’s style in our gallery below and keep in mind the fact that this girl’s only just getting started.

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It’s Not Trashy, It’s Designer


That’s the only thing we can think of that went through Miley Cyrus‘ mind when she decided that Daisy Dukes, a barely-there top (can it be called a top? Kinda just looks like a Cami-Secret without a real shirt over it), and high heeled ankle boots on her night out. Maybe we’re jealous of her legs (yes, we are indeed) but we still think a shred of modesty couldn’t hurt.

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Sarah Silverman Works Blue

More of this, please! Sarah Silverman has always dressed down, favoring sport jerseys and jeans to skirts and heels. This might be the first time we’ve ever actually seen her dressed up at all, in fact. And we love it. Silverman got dolled up for the InStyle party at the Toronto International Film Festival last night and we think she looks like a million Canadian bucks. (Wait, does that conversion rate work out in her favor?) Whatever, she looks great.


New Favorite Person: Manny From Modern Family


This kid is killing us. Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny on Modern Family, may not have had glitz and sparkle like his TV mom, Sofia Vergara, but he was dressed to the nines last night and made quite an impression on us anyway. Wearing an outfit that fell somewhere between Nathan Detroit and Cedric The Entertainer, this kid stole the show when the Modern Family cast took the stage to accept their Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Check out some additional adorable pics of Rico celebrating (and fighting over) the Emmy with his cast mates below.

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Christina Applegate Is The Most Stylish Mom-To-Be Ever

There are plenty of celebrity moms who have set the bar for how to look gorgeous while pregnant – Nicole Richie, Heidi Klum and Padma Lakshmi come to mind – but we may have a new winner. Christina Applegate is perpetually stylish, but never more so than in the past few months, after she announced her pregnancy. You know she has a talent for style when even those of us who aren’t expecting a kid are coveting her maternity-wear.

We especially love the look she wore at the Going The Distance premiere (seen here with fiance Martyn Lenoble) but man, she can rock anything these days. Is there such a thing as bump envy? Did we just make that up? It’s totally a thing because we’re pretty sure we have it.

Check out all of Applegate’s momwear in our gallery below.

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Lindsay Plans To Make Quite The Stylish Exit From Jail


If you were thrown in jail, what would your priorities be upon release? Perhaps a delicious hot meal from your favorite restaurant, an opportunity to sleep in your own bed, or most important, a chance to spend time with loved ones? Sure, we’d all want  those things, but then, we aren’t Lindsay Lohan. Lohan just wants to look good, which is why she’s put several Hollywood fashion stylists and hair and makeup people on retainer for the week so that they can descend upon her the moment that jail cell opens. You have to look good for the cameras as you’re leaving the slammer, obvs.

It’s being reported that Lindsay will wear leggings from her 6126 line (“6126 leggings – pocket-free to remind you to get rid of your stash before the po-po can search you”) and she’ll have access to the correctional facility restroom briefly before she makes her first post-jail public appearance. One person familiar with the facility gave an amazingly (ridiculously) detailed description of what Lindsay can expect of her grooming facilities, and told PopEater “There is a small, dirty public bathroom in the reception area that she will be allowed to use briefly before she leaves. She will not be allowed to plug in a hairdryer and get a blow out and she can forget about using a flattening iron. There will be no full-length mirror and only if the corrections officers decide to be nice will they close the area to the public. Remember everyone who works at that jail hates the press. They…want to rid themselves of Lindsay as quickly as possible.” Don’t we all?

The news of this makeover isn’t surprising considering Lilo got her lips done just before she started serving her sentence, and she made wardrobe changes during the day while in court. Nope, not surprising at all. Just super gross.

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