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by (@hallekiefer)

Rihanna Is The Lady Tim Gunn, Announces Plans For New Fashion Reality Show

Rihana Announces New Reality Show Styled To Rock
Or is Tim Gunn the male Rihanna? Hmmm. As much as we love the Project Runway host, he just cannot pull off booty shorts to the same level of satisfaction. Making us wonder once again if she’s somehow defeated the biological need to sleep, Rihanna is launching yet another venture, specifically a “fashion design reality competition” for Style. Deadline reports that RiRi plans to produce and star in Styled To Rock, and the half-hour show has been picked up for 10 episodes in 2013. Styled‘s hand-picked competitors will make garments for “A-list celebrity talent.” Since Rihanna is hosting, we have to assume those A-listers might include people like Katy Perry, confirming yet again that this idea is genius. Truly genius. Santino Season Three of Project Runway-levels of genius.

“On the heels of our successful network rebrand, Styled to Rock and Style’s new partnership with Rihanna will reinvent the fashion competition genre, fueling our viewers insatiable appetite for all things style,” Style Media President Salaam Coleman Smith announced. Oh good, they finally caught on to how insatiable we are. In a twist reminiscent of The Voice, RiRi’s competitors will be aided by mentors culled from the fashion industry’s top experts. Rihanna already executive produced a version of Styled To Rock in Britain this summer, and yes, we were right, Katy Perry stopped by as one of A-list guest. Not to mention the Scissor Sisters! Weep now, Tim Gunn. Your time has passed, and Rihanna’s has just begun.

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