Substance Abuse

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Is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Really In Rehab?

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino  is in rehab, as we type, as far as TMZ is concerned, for substance abuse. One of the Sitch’s reps spoke to the website refusing to confirm the story. What they did say is that he “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.” 

Sorrentino tweeted a semi-denial just a couple of hours ago, writing, “Don’t believe everything you read or hear.”

Wherever he is right now, we’re glad that he’s getting some sort of rest. Every single time this particular writer’s watched an episode of Jersey Shore, it’s been in awe of the amount of booze consumed on a daily basis. And we don’t mean awe in a good way. It’s like they’re all ticking time bombs, and when those blow up, it’s never pretty. Snooki is pregnant so has to have her act in order. And she’s going to be on Season six. We think The Situation should clean up, zen down and come back with a clean slate as well. We all wish him well.

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Update: Sources are now telling TMZ that Mike was “getting worse” as the season went on, and that they believed he was was showing the tells of substance abuse before that. Apparently, the sources say that had started “acting paranoid” on the set and that everyone is happy he’s getting help from his supposed trip to rehab. We’re waiting for more updates.

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Liv Tyler’s Mom Has A Verbal Throwdown With Dina Lohan

We hope you’re ready for a good old fashioned celebrity mom fight, folks. Because it’s Friday afternoon and that’s what you’re gonna get. Liv Tyler’s mom, former model and 70s heartthrob Bebe Buell, went on a major rant in Steppin’ Out magazine about what she sees as the parental failings of Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina. “Dina Lohan’s relationship with her daughter Lindsay disturbs me,” she said. “I don’t see a mother and a daughter there. What her mother has done with Lindsay is morally wrong and disgusting. She should back off.”

Buell knows a thing or two about tricky relations with her kids; for years she told daughter Liv that rocker Todd Rundgren was her father, in order to sheild her from the growing substance problems of her real dad, Steven Tyler. Clearly that’s a tough call, but Bebe feels like Lindsay would benefit from her hands-on style. “If Lindsay spent a year with me I could turn her around. I could have her winning her first Oscar in two years!” Her unorthodox technique? Kidnapping, mainly. “If my baby girl got that screwed up I would NOT allow to make her own decisions. I would abduct my child and I would make sure that I didn’t leave her side until she didn’t have those problems anymore.” Err, we hate to side with the Lohan’s on anything, but we’re not totally sure if that’s how “problems” of any size get solved. Regardless, you might wanna change the locks, Lindsay.

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